Sorry you can be a Christian all you like, but if you use your religion as an excuse to be a queer-hating piece of trash, then I cannot respect your religion

Ich bin es ja schon gewohnt, beim Ummelden meine Einbürgerungsurkunde vorzeigen zu müssen, während andere nichts Nachweisen müssen. Aber jetzt muss ich auch noch meine Entbürgerungbestätigung von 1997 suchen?!

Für die Ämter bin ich wohl immer noch Bürger zweiter Klasse.

It's been a while since I made Vietnamese #Food, that's not rice. This time: Wonton Soup.

Sure, Wonton is commonly accosciated with Chinese Food, but I call mine Vietnamese: it's a different taste.

If #ROU is “We have Spain at home” then #LTU is “We have Dalida at home” #ESC2022

Most of my HiFi is from around 2000 by Onkyo. I only replaced the tuner with one that has WiFi.

I'm expecting a package. Of course, it arrives on the one day of the week I'm not at home. I got a yellow card saying it's at the depot. But it doesn't say which depot. Calling the courier, turns out even they don't know which depot.

It's been a wild week. I've rewarded myself with some Tantanmen and Kaarage at Takumi in Düsseldorf. #foodpics #food

Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface, SkyMirror Magnetic Digital Pen Compatible with Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3, Surface Book 3/2/1, Surface Go, Surface Laptop

I have a Microsoft Surface Book Go. Will the pen be compatible?


ProLife vs ProChoice 

I care about people's living conditions.

If #ProLife means not caring about living conditions of a child and its parent(s) after you forced it to be born, you're basically just creating misery for the sake of your half-assed idealism.

Currently, #ProChoice seem to be the only ones that care about living conditions.

So, I'm on the #ProChoice side.

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich ein neues Projekt bekommen. Es hat das höchste Verhältnis von Meetings zu geleisteter Arbeitszeit das ich bisher gesehen habe.

Meeting: "Wir brauchen Testequipment."
Wir überlegen welches Equipment.
Meeting: "Wir besprechen welches Equipment."
Wir suchen konkretes Equipment raus.
Meeting: "Wir bestellen jetzt dieses Equipment."
Wir bestellen das Equipment.
Meeting: "Wir haben Equipment bestellt."


My timeline will probably be burning after this, but #StarWars is overrated.

But still, have fun with #StarWarsDay #May4th if you're into it.



#Anime “The Legendary Hero is Dead”

Interesting Idea. I'm looking forward to it.

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