Tesla criticizes the German government for delaying the destruction of a forest where they want to build their battery factory. Because battery factories are better for the environment?!? Dear Tesla: an unnecessary sports car with a battery is still an unnecessary sports car.

1. its not a sports car
2. the "forest" ist temporary monoculture-plantation for cardboard & would have been harvested anyway
3. for every m² they cut down they plant 3m² of real forest (Mischwald).
4. We need those batteries in the future - better here under decent working/environmental conditions than in east/south europe where people turn the other eye easier.


@tauli well.. a union-hit-piece against a plant where the union did nothing for the workers when toyota/gm(?) shut down the plant and is now battling for their existence ..

nothing to do with working-conditions.
Last union-vote was with 80%(?) against unions..
Probability of accident is at 50% compared to before.
And they get paid more. And get more benefits.

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