Does anyone haz a pic of a cat and a pineapple that we can use to fill the void on

Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

C now has a REPL—take that, interpreted languages :D

(Plus, it wins the coveted harder-to-exit-than-vim award:

you have to `#include<stdlib.h>` before you're allowed to `exit`!)

I've heard from a manager meeting that "nobody can read these files! Nobody!"

I have written a library that can read, interpret, manipulate and write those files (excluding the embedded cryptographic signatures).

Guess that makes me the leading expert on Digital Tachograph files? o.O

Ja, wo kommst du weiße Taube denn her? (Hat nen Ring, macht also wohl einfach nur Pause auf dem Weg zum heimatlichen Schlag.)

Ist jemandem von euch das schon mal passiert, dass Club Mate in der Flasche nach dem Öffnen weiter gärt?


Ein ganz seltenes Foto, das zeigt, wie Großbritannien die EU verlässt.

Did anyone manage to use the REPL paste mode to test their l0dables? When I paste something into the terminal, around half a KB shows up after 30 seconds or suchlike; after that, the badge seems completely unresponsive... /cc @card10badge

ein studierender war richtig wütend heute nach dem vortrag 😁 hochroter kopf und laut, "sie können doch nicht alles hinterfragen was ich im bwl-studium gelernt habe!!"

Good news, somebody informed me there is a weekend at the end of every week.

RT Some of our members made an after movie for #cccamp19 If you want to reminisce or explain to your co-workers where you’ve been, check it out

John from Microsoft, the fake technical support, is currently calling frequently. Do you have any interesting ideas what trick I might want to play on him next time?

Der scope resolution operator (in vielen Sprachen "::") heißt auf Deutsch anscheinend "Gültigkeitsoperator". Das habe ich zuerst als "Gleichgültigkeitsoperator" gelesen und eigentlich ist das eine gute Idee.

Ich präsentiere den Gleichgültigkeitsoperator:



5 mod 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 0

("einfach mal Fünfe gerade sein lassen")

regex crash course! 

Lewd physics 

holy SHIT i just encountered a site with a GDPR "we use cookies" warning and there were two buttons and they said "accept" and "decline"
and you could just ... hit decline? and it still let you look at the website? fucking amazing, rock on website dudes you're the real mvps

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