Ich richte mich, glaub ich, mal wieder länger hier ein.


Kennt eigentlich noch jemand den "Siemens Lufthaken"?

These are two pictures from my, and my daughters room. The left one accompanied me on my mission to get her ready for life.
The right one was a gift to her 18th birthday as a symbol that she is now ready to step out on her own.
Today we are sitting in the living room and watch the Nasa/SpaceX stream together, joking about how a child thoughts of "how about aliens" change to ""but what if someone throws up into the helmet.

Heute schimpften die Schüler*innen über Chinesen, da sie Hunde und Fledermäuse essen.
Ich sagte, sie sollen mal Oma oder Opa fragen, ob sie "Maikäfersuppe" kennen.


Leider hab ich kein ekliges Bild davon im Netz gefunden :-)

Okay. 4.1.3 is in F-Droid and Play Store. Finally, a new release of my favourite fediverse app (it's just that it's UI in compact, dark mode gives me the best reading experience among all microblogging apps I ever tried).

It doesn't have all features (yet), but it's nice to see that it's now in active development again. And: I can now recommend it to everyone who wants to selectively crosspost to Birdsite and Mastodon: The bug that drops image descriptions on mastodon is now fixed! \o/

poll for musicians who record music on linux 

What do you use for routing inputs/outputs

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