germanic languages fun fact I've probably posted before 

the English word "bloke" is etymologially related to the German word "Pflock", which means post or stake.

so, a bloke originally was a person who was just standing around taking up space.

Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

H.a.d.R. – Hack an der Ruhr 2022

Einmal kurbeln, Zack fettich – ‘n Event im östlichen Ruhrgebiet. Besucht die erste H.a.d.R.!

"You shall have the promised reward," the king said. "My daughter's hand in marriage."
"Ah," the hero said, "may I have a private word?"
The king gestured for them to approach, and listened.
"Hm. I see. I'll have to ask."
"Of course."
The king motioned for a page.
"Fetch my son."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

nsfw i guess, question 

are there any sex worker friendly instances now that switter is gone? :/

“87th floor, room 24,” says the hotel receptionist as I check in.

“87?! How tall is this hotel?” I exclaim.

“Oh, it’s only two floors up,” she smiles, “but we skip unlucky numbers, and there are a LOT of those around the world.”

“Did you know 87 is unlucky for cricketers?” I joke as I reach for the key.

She frowns, pulls back the key. “Your floor is now called—[typing]—the 111th floor.”

I am about to say something about the number 111, think better of it, and accept the key.


Hallo Fediwelt 😃 , ich habe die Gruppe @laufen eingerichtet, wo man alles zum Thema "Laufen" (also jetzt im Sinne von "schnelle, oft anstrengende Fortbewegung auf 2 Beinen) tröten kann: Feiern eigener Lauferfolge, Ziele, Equipment, Websites usw usw. Wenn Du dazustoßen willst, folge einfach dem Account @laufen - danke für den Hinweis, @anathem !

"Du hast ja deinen ganzen Rasen vermoosen lassen. Der besteht ja nur noch aus Moos!" 

"Ja. Ist er nicht famoos?"

Hummus Sapiens -- if you don't eat the hummus for too long.

Egal ob #Musk Twitter kauft oder nicht - hier ist einfach schöner 💚

“Autistic people have to do 100% of the compensation for the communication differences that exist between us and non-autistic people.

This is not fair.

And people wonder why we're stressed.”

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