@pixelfork privacy, analytics, ads, pro subscriptions. I don't see anything to back up these claims (and I do follow the pixelfed feeds and the dev).

I know about federation not being ready yet, but there were features that had to be finished as dependency before.

Please take this as an observation from outside: In its current form, this blog post reads like a smear campaign, just because someone does not agree with the priorities of someone else.

@anathem I need to answer from my private account as this is going to get much bigger than 500 chars,I'm from the PixelFork dev team.Only a very small part of the things which were priorized over federation which is the most important feature of a federated software are really important.Sometimes you might think he does it on purpose to grow his flaghip instance while third party instances are useless but for that point I don't have facts,however for the points mentioned in the blog,I do have them.For privacy and analytics,this post is interesting: Sure,he says privacy in mind but if you create a insights tool,you CAN NOT have privacy in mind,that simply don't works together.Ads aren't a direct announcement of him but he wants influencers,businesses and brands to join the fediverse.The will use it for brands.What else should they post here?Look what they're using Twitter for.Ads,right?And for the pro subscriptions...probably he knew that it will come to a shitstorm so he didn't share it with his project account.Was hard to find the post again but I got it: That are features which are destructive for the freedom of the fediverse.Limiting storage is one thing which could make sense if people abuse the unlimited storage but then you can do it like Peertube and increase storage for free on request.Pro subscriptions is another thing which is discouraging and dangers freedom of expression.Your storage is full,now shut up and go away or gimme money!!!You really want that?Many people can't afford that because they don't have much money but the fediverse is and should stay a place for everyone.I hope I could clarify some facts.We're not trolls,we just believe in real freedom like it always was in this network.

@nipos Thanks for the answer. What you describe has gone wrong too often in commercial hands, I give you that, but I still would give the future pixelfed admins some leeway to do it better. Tools like the pro feature can still be handled by a pixelfed instance admin like you describe for peertube.

And I don't see you as trolls, I wanted to tell you how the original blog post sounds and give you the hint that you might want to improve on it. Incorporating that answer might be a good start.

@anathem Thank you for your feedback,we'll put the links into the blog post to better show what statements we're referring to.

@nipos Furthermore, I'd rather see you working alongside pixelfed, to cherrypick features from each other.

You can do better like the original project? By all means, do it. But, please, try not to be petty about it, at least not publicly. This only poisons the athmosphere around _both_ projects. You have to criticize something? By all means, do it. But, please, choose your words and claims wisely and back them up with sources.

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