There's a user going around that looks fishy:
* Opens multiple accounts on different instances.
* All accounts follow 2.4k Users, despite being not a day old.
* no toots, no boosts.
* very few followers.
* on the first account I saw, they answered to someone else that they are using a "follow.csv" they found (with 50k users).
* Different accounts have "wowhi" in the account name.

Even when they don't have malicious intent, this behaviour is creepy.

Looking through my follows in the last few days, I see some more users matching that description (with variations: not "wowhi" in account name, 1.7K to 6K followees, ...). I'm going to report them all.

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@anathem thanks, theres one of them following me too, but when I checked it my admin had already blocked it.

@muz I'd assume it was their admin, cause while I was typing the report, the account vanished, showing only 404s afterwards ^^ (was, right?)

@anathem @izaliamae I’ve blocked them from my instance multiple times now.

@thegcat Nee, auf anderen Instanzen. Ich hab die nur gesehen, weil ich anscheinend auf der follow.csv drauf bin und die mir gefolgt sind.

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