I’ve been reading a bunch of posts on a news site aimed at people who work in information security and they had a „you can only read 3 posts for free without an account“ limit that was checked exclusively using cookies.

The only situation where I believe someone could’ve thought this would be a good idea was when the person, who had to implement it, didn’t want it to work.


@dysphoricunicorn Or only wanted it to work on the people who didn't deserve to get past it.



@LexPendragon @dysphoricunicorn I once was on the implementing side of something in the same ballpark.

"Can you hide this quarter of the page for basic users?"
"Sure, but the framework you want will just show a blank area there."
"How much will it cost to show a notice that it's a premium area with a bit of preview?"
"I can do a quick and dirty thing with a CSS overlay, but everyone knowing a bit of webtech can circumvent that. Or it will take a lot of work."
"Quick and dirty it is, then."

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