Every word in the german language that contains the particle "zeug" expresses something that is with something in some sense or the other. Sometimes in a weird sense.

You could use it as a noun, a verb, a whatever. "Das Zeug" means "stuff", as in the stuff that's with you, in every stretched semantic the word "with" could be used. Stuff that belongs to you, stuff that you take with you, stuff that you point to, stuff that you talk about...

But the german particle "zeug" is way more versatile than that, it's the essence of association of something with something else. When you go swimming, you take all the Schwimmzeug you need with you. When you created some Erzeugnis, you're the Erzeuger, because you was with the product when it was created. You probably had a tool with you to create it ("das Werkzeug", stuff to work with) or your whole set of tools ("dein Werkzeug") or all the tools of your profession ("das Handwerkszeug")...

Zeige Konversation

... If that product was your journeyman's piece, you may now enframe your Zeugnis, which came to pass because someone bezeugte, that he was there with you when you created it and

Babies are created when a man lies with a woman, therefore doing it is called "zeugen". If you were there with them, hidden, watching that, you could testify ("bezeugen") that them both have been in the act of impregnating her ("Zeugung").

(Found in a 4 year old forgotten file in my home directory, source unknown)

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