- *installs a frech Arch*
- *installs sudo*
- *makes user and adds that user to sudo group*
Linux: "user group sudo doesn't exist"
Me ... the what?!?

But it's already past midnight, I'm going to have a fresh look at this tomorrow.


@betalars And when you have rebooted, you log in anew, the group list will be reloaded and that command will work. (Or something like that ^^)

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@anathem it's not going to be as easy: I've already exited and re-entered chroot and also the group does not exist within the group file... and there was an error during installation, that I'll probably have to hunt down.

@anathem error message simply said, that a script couldn't be executed. Useful as heck

@anathem Okay what layer are we speaking of, if the helpful Person, that assisted me during installation told me a wrong information?

@anathem noooo. ^^;

I was jokingly referring to a layer 8 error, but it is also kind of not layer 8, because it's not the person, sitting in front of the screen, but the person connected via mumble providing help. ^^;

@betalars Layer 9? Although I always use Layer 9 to refer to the user's psychologist ^^

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