@anathem @overflo OMFG, how do you drive these? 😍 Obviously no PWM brightness or multiplexing due to the fast movement. Any public concepts/schematics/code?

@unixtippse In the end, it is PWM... the APA107 LEDs do have such a fast internal PWM clock.

@unixtippse The hardware of this version (25 rows APA107 LEDs) is designed by @overflo, see metalab.at/wiki/Blinkenpoi ... we're currently updating the software.
Some videos of me assembling my older hardware version (12 rows of APA106 LEDs) are available at youtube.com/watch?v=aiPVpA2Zgz (uncut version)

@anathem Oh wow, thanks for the comprehensive information. :-) The electronics look dead simple, with mechanics and FX being the challenging parts. The wife's yearly dance show is postponed to 2021, so lots of time to get started with a project like this. 🤩

@unixtippse Mechanics depend on whether you're content with the LED stripes pointing in two directions (gives you a slight shadow every half rotation (subtly visible in the images), easy to build) or whether you want 360° light diffusion (my old hardware version, see videos, complex to build).
Apart from that, you only need a fisherman's rotational swivel ^^

@unixtippse The most time-consuming part would then be learning to play the poi... you could start now with sand-filled socks on a string to be ready for that party (if you don't know yet how to play them).

@unixtippse (Also, I'm currently dreaming of a firmware that allows a second person to control and mix the FX over WiFi using a MIDI keyboard... that would be the talk of that party ^^)

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