Anyone playing around with and ?
- I got an ESP32 with 9 push-button inputs on GPIO and 9 corresponding WS2812b LEDs in one panel (see image)
- I want those buttons to toggle things or activate scenes in HomeAssistant (i.e. "binary sensor"?)
- I want those LEDs to act as independent "status LEDs" (bonus if I can configure their base color in HAss and use brightness to show status)
- I want input feedback, i.e. half brighness on the status LED while a button is pressed.


What is the best approach to that? I suspect I need to write one or more custom components for ESPHome, but I'm hazy about the right architecture, a.k.a.: which generic component types do I need to implement and on which API stratum do I connect them together to achieve maximum configurability and flexibility?

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