Is there any federated software that could be considered an alternative to twitch? I mean, there's peertube v3, which allows live streams, but I didn't find any info about this part: is there a chat associated to that stream that could be used from any activitypub account?

@TheConstructor @anathem no:

i however feel like there was a dedicated streaming project but i forgot its name...

@anathem @AzureKingfisher I don't know about federated. There is Owncast for self-hosted streaming sites though.

@ailurocrat That does look like there's a project to work towards streaming with chat, but it's not quite there yet. Thanks!

There is also owncast one of the main devs is on mastodon @gabek it's really impressive!

@jdaviescoates @mattj @milan
@lps @ailurocrat @redoak
Thank you all for all the pointers!
To sum it up: According to the issue tracker, it looks like openstreamingplatform and Owncast aren't quite there with fediverse support; and for peertube I'll have to find an instance that has that chat plugin enabled.

@jdaviescoates @mattj @milan @lps @ailurocrat @redoak ...and now I got the info that the peertube plugin only seems to allow _local_ accounts. Back to square one...

I think the devs have ruled out chat built into peertube, but there is this plugin for chat during live streams:

@anathem you are right. I have completely misread your initial request... 😅

There is a live chat plugin, but currently only validates against the PeerTube server it's on.

@mcduquesne Oh, that plugin has been mentioned already, but that info about chat auth is new to me. Thanks.

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