Ob die heutigen Sessions der wohl alle auf der Dachterrasse stattfinden?

Tried another diffusor on an matrix: milky polystyrol, directly on top of the LEDs.

I've seen a troll ... here on mastodon ... *narf*

Back in the 90s, on usenet, we've had a culture of calling them out early by just answering their troll posts with an ascii art image saying "Don't feed the trolls", as a warning to others who haven't identified the troll yet. It did have it's effect and increased the signal-to-noise ratio considerably.

I'd like to re-establish that here. If you do too, save this image and use it (with alt-text, of course).

(original author is lost in time)

And in the back is a casing of hard paper with the LED strip around (type: WS2812b), with an ESP8266 and a HTTM touch module inside. Powered via microUSB.

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