The left planet does look a bit uninhabitable to my laymans eyes... I mean, what do I know whether a pink athmosphere and sea is non-toxic?

Implementation details to last toot: I've had a bit of luck with the curtain rails I used. Using a silicone tube as some kind of spring, I was able to shove the LED strip (IP65) sideways into the curtain rail (see attached drawing). The strip is now stuck there, I can't get it out without destroying it.
Now the whole thing looks pretty watertight (with the hot glue at both ends).

: Some curtain rails from the hardware store can also take on standard LED strips.

Testing laminated aluminium scraps as touch sensor interface for . Works pretty well with a bit of hysteresis processing on the raw input.

Non Sequitur des Tages: Da hat jemand schön was auf der Hecke drapiert.

Wanna take a guess at the error in this picture?

Bei mir um die Ecke war jemand mit Stencil und Sprühfarbe kreativ. <3

So here's the source of the in Dortmund... Borussia needs grass.

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