Gibt es eigentlich Menschen, die Interesse an meiner alten Briefmarkensammlung hätten? Hab seit 25 Jahren nix neues mehr da reingesteckt... und für mich ist die grad dead paperweight.

poly bridge 2 level 5-10 spoiler 

If you've only got 6 road pieces and one hydraulic, but you need to use that one hydraulic for 3 elevators...

poly bridge 2 level 5-1 spoiler 

Strange bridges are necessary sometimes... xD
Here the challenge is: you get only just enough road to do it this way, and no hydraulics. But springs are fun :)

Hitzewelle? Bin gerüstet. (Das ist ne Rettungsdecke, die ich da mit Pattafix ins Fenster geklebt hab.)

Best coffee option for the temperatures announced for the next days in germany: Ice-cubed coffee.

I just wanted to have my keyboard lightbar on a different footing... now I think I overengineered the legs by making them adjustable.

Black keyboard under rainbow light. Increases work morale in home office. ^^

I wrote a parametrizable interlocking drawer box in ... but I think I need to rethink the handle design. Under the right light, the current version seems to be watching me...
Anyone got some inspiration pointers for a different handle design? (preferably printable without supports)

Thing I wanted to have since about 10 years ago... it finally arrived. \o/

Still my favourite HTTP server.

Last I checked, X-42 wasn't in there, anybody knows when this has been added?

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