Can anybody make sense of the instructions of this LiPo charge/discharge board? I suspect that it tells me how to use it when I want to draw less than 50mA, but I can't make heads nor tail of it. (I tried to pull the KEY input LOW every 15s via MCU, no luck)

Naming things is one of the hardest things for a developer.

So, we need an office cat...

Hallo Willi auf dem . Ist das dein Stiftemäppchen bei der Chaospost? Liegt noch dort.

Here's the lost and found from Hall Borg today. Stuff is now at the lost and found booth at the cloakroom (behind cash desk in glass hall).

after the Intel ME talk (yes, the tablet also is lost&found). Will be moved to Infopoint now.

after the Intel ME talk. Will be moved to Infopoint in about 10 minutes if not collected.


This LED charger cable ignores some physics laws: "The speed of light decreases with increasing battery charge and stops when fully charged."

OH: "Die Flagge ist doch unschwer zu erkennen... ist doch... die von Ostdeutschland!"

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