Die Ablehnung von Windkraft lese ich daher als „Sollen halt andere den Kopf dafür hinhalten, dass ich Strom bekomme. Hauptsache, mich trifft es nicht.“

Ich finde, dass unsere Gesellschaft so nicht funktionieren sollte.

Thread Ende. 12/12

It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

@dch Well, that is going into the unknown unknowns, so there's no chance of looking for it.

TIL: Babies born today will turn 18 on January 19, 2038, the first date when time becomes unrepresentable using a standard 32-bit unsigned Unix timestamp. It's not far off.

@charlag Only drawback: The contents are not synchronized between the partitions. That would really be cursed. ^^

Can anybody make sense of the instructions of this LiPo charge/discharge board? I suspect that it tells me how to use it when I want to draw less than 50mA, but I can't make heads nor tail of it. (I tried to pull the KEY input LOW every 15s via MCU, no luck)

@AzureKingfisher Feels like the explanation to my behaviour when I just can't stop reading the document I just finished in LaTeX ^^

@betalars Layer 9? Although I always use Layer 9 to refer to the user's psychologist ^^




@betalars And when you have rebooted, you log in anew, the group list will be reloaded and that command will work. (Or something like that ^^)

Wer das hier liest, ist toll. Wer das hier nicht liest, ist auch toll.

@td00 Ah, endlich kenn ich vidisters Realname! ^^
(Willst du die Namensschilder nicht noch unkenntlich machen?)

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