@koyu Only time will tell if Article 13 will affect Mastodon and other decentralized platforms.

Okay, now that is out, we need a FOSS filter solution that every content platform can use on their own servers. And the content industry has to upload all their works to all of these filter servers for comparison. I mean, how else are we expected to implement this?

@SunDancer (Warum antworte ich eigentlich in englisch, wenn du auf deutsch fragst? ^^)

@SunDancer Looks like a standard B50K dual potentiometer with switch to me. 1,50€ for a 5-pack on Aliexpress.

Have you got a multimeter at hand? They are available with various resistances. Measure one of the 3-pin rows from right to left for resistance, that should give you the right value.

People who own cute pets are playing social media on easy mode

@snaums ... those both require a server too, as far as I can see. I want them to work with local storage.

@kilian Oooh, I can forget about my emails. Very much so. I regard emails as cumbersome :/

@esureL Dang, Wallabag needs a server. And Pocket even seems to need an account on their server. I need local storage only...

@hausaffe Which doesn't give me a self-reducing queue... :/

@bjnord That sounds like one needs an account on their servers. Which would make it a no-go for me.

@halfur Already using that, but this loads the page as soon as I open Firefox for other purposes; invalidating my goal of saving mobile bandwidth. It doesn't help with e.g. Youtube links, also.

Is there a "read link later" android app that just accepts links from any app, e.g. via the share feature, and then simply provides a queue of links to read?

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