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Keine Hitlergrüße, keine körperliche Gewalt, nicht in Chemnitz sondern Kassel, und doch der Geist von 1933. Mir wird kalt...

“We’re floating on the shoulders of giants” — A. Gerst

my mom's compelling argument against material possessions in a text

Weil man es viel zu selten sagt und klare Kante zeigt:

- Kein Mensch ist illegal, Refugees welcome!
- Impfen schützt!
- Homöpathie ist Placebo!
- Der Klimawandel ist real!
- Rad statt Auto!
- Esst weniger Fleisch! Danke Vegetarier und Veganer!
- Antisemitismus, Homo- und Transfeindlichkeit sind scheiße!
- Feminismus ist gut!
- Kein Fußbreit! Danke Antifa!

My father is *obsessed* with patterns. When I was tiling my bathroom, I spent a lot of time placing the tiles in such a way that there was no discernable pattern. When he visited for Christmas, he promptly visited the bathroom. 10 minutes went by, and he came out with a look on his face I will always treasure. "Your bathroom tiles… are completely random, I looked, and looked and there's no patterns - ots maddening!"

I'm here on Mastodon, because we respect boundaries.

We CW to have people opt-in.
We scold people who dunk on others, because that is not part of our culture and not how we want to interact.
We keep this place clean and how we want it to and that's what I like.

The mutual respect and taking care of each other, is something that is lost on bird site and I don't want the main perpetrators coming over here and doing the same.

I love this place too much to have that happen.

I now filter spanish and portuguese from my federated timeline. It was way too full of toots I don't understand... ^^

@dansup I got a suggestion for @PixelFed ... context-based prev/next navigation.
If you view a single post, there's always some context of how you arrived there. You came from the users profile? prev/next goes through the user's photos chronologically. From a hashtag search? There's also a line to follow. From a collection? Works too. Direct link w/o context parameter? Either ask for the context or just assume the users timeline (or collection, if that post is part of one).

Public service announcement: anything after ? in an URL is probably an ad tracker and can be safely left out when sharing the web page. Not sure? Try loading the page without it. If the page works, you didn't need it.

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Instanz der KIF für KIFfel und nicht-KIFfel.

Betrieben durch den KIF e.V., aktuell gehostet bei der Fachschaft Informatik der TU Dortmund.