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OH: Kuscheln ist wichtig für die Revolution!

Da trifft man wen in der UBahn... und wird direkt noch zu ner Geburtstagsfete mitgeschleppt, wo man niemanden kennt und der Gastgeber grad wie ein Mandrill geschminkt wird... m)

True Facts about the cuttlefish.
(I just love how the narrator talks... :D)

"Welcome to the Infinite Library. We have all books that could possibly exist."
"Do you have any I could have written?"
"Yes, we have all of them."
"Are they... are they any good?"
"Some potentially possible readers love them."
"Thank you. I'd better try to write then."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


Funny how theories of mind are based around the idea that brains "compute" like computers do nowadays. I wonder where they got that idea...

Funny how theories of mind used to, in the industrial revolution, be based around the buildup and release of pressure. I wonder where they got that idea...

Anyone knows a N-channel MOSFET that allows for at least 150V drain-to-source at 200mA while switching through with as low as 3V gate-to-source?

Hey there! I’m a very experienced iOS and Python developer looking for new projects in the near future. Preferably Freelance and Remote, but let’s talk. Here’s my CV:

RT’s are very much appreciated.

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