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If you ask a user to enter their birthday, be prepared that for some people, the month and day is unknown. Allow your data model to represent that fact (or do not use the birthday as an identifying data point... which is rather impossible in governmental databases).

Successful protest tips from Hong Kong,

the image below was circulated online ahead of the protests to educate participants on hand signals that would be used, and then they simply formed human chains to do tasks and supply themselves as they occupied LegCo.

« "Die Katze liebt katzentypische Aktivitäten und ist überdies sehr an Digitalisierung interessiert."
Jemand hat das Innenministerium BW per #IFG zu dieser blauen Katze ausgefragt und detaillierte Antworten erhalten: »

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All developers should have to play this “game” daily for a week as part of their education.

It’s brilliantly bad, and so extremely familiar that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

@couchsofa Miep! Sachma... ich lausch grad so in der Gegend von N'to, Worakls, Joachim Pastor, Solee, Aka Aka und Klangkarussell herum... hast du da noch ein paar Empfehlungen zur Hand? :)

Things we didn't do:
- Start the fire
- Shoot the deputy
- Steal the cookies from the cookie jar

Things we did:
- Tried to fight it
- Shot the sheriff
- Put the sham in the shama-lama-ding-dong

Things we will do:
- Survive
- Rock you
- Walk 500 miles
- Walk 500 more

Things we won't do:
- Get fooled again
- Back down
- That

Things we will never do:
- Give you up
- Let you down
- Run around
- Desert you

- I did it again)

OH: „Eine Null kann Probleme verzehnfachen“ - Den muss ich mir merken.

From the PostgreSQL manual:

"The first century starts at 0001-01-01 00:00:00 AD, although they did not know it at the time. This definition applies to all Gregorian calendar countries. There is no century number 0, you go from -1 century to 1 century. If you disagree with this, please write your complaint to: Pope, Cathedral Saint-Peter of Roma, Vatican."

starting a bondage session alright let's set up the rules

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL
"OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in
RFC 2119.

sub: "h-how do you do that with your mouth. the capitalization. the citation. wh—"

Es ist ab sofort beschlossene Sache, dass ich dieses DJ-Ding lerne. So eine Musikauswahl wie gestern will ich nie wieder ertragen müssen, wenn ich die Chance habe den DJ zu ersetzen. Qualitätsoffensive!

@CornishRepublicanArmy 2033. The Supreme Polycule has declared itself its own entity. they comprise a third of the population of the world and have entirely seized all of Europe and annexed large pieces of Russia. The Resistance has fallen after half the members started dating someone in the Polycule and defected to their side. they are unstoppable. they are ever growing. there is no hope of defeating them.


actually, you know there are a couple cuties over there, maybe we shouldn't run..

( • . •)
/ >💾 U want this?

( • - •)
💾< \ Let me copy it first

(• - • )
💻 💾< \

( • ᴗ•)
/ >💾 Ok, here u go, frend

In was für ner Welt bin ich heute gelandet? o.O

Muss die Hitze sein.

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