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Hab ich jetzt eigentlich alles für die gepackt?

dienstag kurz vor sieben ich sitze in jacke am schreibtisch statt zu heizen und glaube werde niemals vergessen wie es ist mit zuwenig geld zu leben gönne es niemand und finde das sollte verboten sein also zuwenig geld zu haben und es sollte auch verboten sein zuviel geld zu haben

HELLvetica. Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.

Watching the United States feels like watching some dark comedy, except I can't laugh when I know there are actual people suffering and not just a fictional world. To quote GLaDOS, "It would be funny if it weren't so sad."

I really hope things get better soon over there.

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people...

Aus der Zwischenzeit:
"Manchmal sind Form und Funktion einfach nicht weiter optimierbar."

"Ah, diese Woche stellen wir die Uhren um."

"Geil. Ne Woche länger schlafen...!"

Law is just a convention.
Gravity is a law.

Ergo: Wheeeeeeeeee!

Wild geese overhead. They are flying informations southwards.

Joke, ableism but reversed 

I'm a neurotypical expert.

I'm not an NT myself but trust me, I'm an expert. If you have any questions about neurotypicals I can answer them because I read a few books about neurotypicals. I even have neurotypical family members!

Joke, ableism but reversed 

Diagnostic criteria for neurotypicality:

- Really loud for no good reason, not for stimming or anything, just knowingly loud, plays loud music in shopping centres
- Don't understand that you're supposed to actually say what you *mean*. They talk in vague terms for no real reason and that causes problems with social interaction. This is a serious problem which causes many misunderstandings and confusion.

NT: "wanna come over to my place"
Actual meaning: "would you like to have a sexual interaction with me?"

- Make eye contact when talking for some reason. Teach your child to look away if they do this.
- unable to have real interests. They tend to have trouble fixating on something specific. This is a big problem because how will they make friends if they don't have a special interest to talk about?

Please donate to NT speaks to cure this horrible disease. Thanks.

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almost forgot.

Earlier tonight, me to husband:

"Do grownups know what TL:DR means?"

A moment later:

"How long do you think before I stop talking about 'grownups' like they're not us?"

(we're both in our 40s......)

IFG, public code, Laienidee 

Sagt mal... lässt sich Quelltext jursistisch irgendwie als Dokument auslegen? Weil dann würde der ja unter das IFG fallen... :D

"Writing crash reproduce steps is fun, it's like writing a cooking recipe, but your bread explodes if you hold it the right way"

This stuff starts out very mild, but don't think it won't build up over time...

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