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shower thought, covid reference 

Imagine a computer virus that forces humanity to go into digital lockdown and disconnect all communication lines. What properties would it need to have?

(I don't mean that the virus itself shuts everything down. I mean that the virus somehow forces humanity to shut every digital device communication down until it can be contained. That "somehow" is the part I'm instigating to imagine.)

If I were to design a 3D print with square holes in it to fit SMD5050 LEDs in ... how much larger (than 5x5mm) should I design the square hole so that the LEDs will fit in the real thing? Or isn't that necessary? Does the slicer take care of that? (Assuming any fairly good calibrated current low-price 3D printer.)

When you don't know anything about a computer subject: "This is black magic"

When you start learning: "Oh, that makes sense. This isn't magic, it's just doing this and then that"

When you learn more: "Oh god there's a lot more black magic involved than I thought"

Warum heißt es eigentlich Staubsauger und nicht Krümelmümmler?

Hmm, OpenSCAD is easier to use than I thought... I think I invested about 6 hours to create this parametrized bike pump mount.

Actually, we wanted to celebrate the new album’s release today in our homebase in Darmstadt. Then: lockdown happened. #sad But #goodnews everyone: We decided to record and release our cover versions one by one. Starting today with "Bite It You Scum" by GG Allin. Have fun & take care!

Whohoo, Coro... eh, CouchSofa streams a live set! With visuals!
Thanks, @couchsofa!

Listen here:

Sorry for the ad, but we have to pay the bills, lol: Today (Friday) is a good day to get your hands on our albums. Because: Again the boys and girls at Bandcamp will be waiving their revenue share on all purchases until midnight (Pacific Time) to support bands and artists. Disclaimer to picture below: pedalboard and guitar not included. Go for it:

🎉 Jitsi-Meet wird mit dem kommenden Firefox :firefox: (Version 76) viel besser funktionieren. :tux:

Issue auf github:

@overflo Wird schon etwas knapp mit BlinkenPoi in µPython auf ESP32... ich hab da grad mal etwas Benchmarking gemacht; und... uff. Das micropython_dotstar modul haut da am meisten rein. Das braucht ~600µs zum setzen einer einzelnen LED, nur im Buffer! OK, sieht aus, als könne man direkt auf SPI schreiben statt das modul zu nutzen, aber der eine Effekt (25 * hsv2rgb) braucht auch schon 1,7 ms... und nach meiner Erfahrung sollte ein Frame max 4 ms lang sein (=250 fps).

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