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Hörsaalplätze an der TU DO scheinen jetzt einen Sun Protection Factor zu haben. o.O

"How do you make friends?"
The artisan closed the lid before replying.
"In what sense? Some friends, like you, I build. Some I find."
"Which is easiest?"
"Hard to say."
"Which is best?"
"It's... Do you want another friend? Who didn't build you?"
"Let's try finding one."
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Trick for dealing with neurotypicals 

So for example, today I was talking about sensory processing issues with a skin therapist. I said "I have a neurological condition that makes my brain less able to filter stimuli so for example I can always feel the clothes on my skin. Having body hair makes that even worse" instead of saying "I have autism" and I think this could be s really effective tactic in some scenarios

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"Start arguing comment section is all yours."

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someone should make one of those software lists like "awesome-unsearchable-software" for things like matrix, age, crystal, etc

'I'm ... not really into all that "mate for life, sexy pheremones" sort of stuff,' they said.

The werewolf blushed. 'No, no! Nothing like that. It's mostly going for runs and having *very* comfortable naps.' She paused. 'You do get an aversion to baths, I guess, but who likes baths anyway?' she shuddered.

'I don't understand. Why me?'

'Well ... it's also about having a pack. A family. And I sort of thought ... you could use one.'

Holding back tears, the human nodded.

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Aktuell läuft eine Online-Petition beim Bundestag, dass er sich mit ME/CFS beschäftigen möge. Das ist eine der Krankheiten, die man als Long #Covid bekommen kann.

Momentan liegt sie bei etwas über 15k Unterschriften, das Quorum ist bei 50k, es sind noch zwei Wochen Zeit, mitzuzeichnen:

Dies Gericht wird der Landesküche Bayerns geradezu der Krieg erklärt.

gf took a bad picture of the cat. it's the best cat picture ever taken

Die wahrscheinlich letzte Fassade Dortmunds ohne Anti-Tauben-Drahtzeug.

"You know my methods, dear Watson," said Holmes. "Tell me what you can deduce about the two women on the other side of the street."
"They are of similar age, and walk arm in arm, so they are good friends."
"Very good." Holmes extended his arm. "Shall we?"
I took his arm. "Yes."
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machine learning is amazing because you take a bunch of data you don't have permission to use and a few million matrix multiplications later you can generate the wrong answer to any question

Der Postillon: Nach Reichelt-Rauswurf: "Bild"-Zeitung sieht heute mysteriöserweise nicht so aus

oh yeah, some navigation gadgets might break this Sunday because they rely on a single free software programmer in Nebraska, this will be a hoot

Hey chatbot programmers,

Can I interest you in introducing mandatory XKCD806 compliance for every chatbot?

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