Neuere anzeigen

update: contacts told us there were problems with the cooling over the last few days and non-essential machines are probably shut down - looks like we are deemed non-essential (to be honest, overall they might have a point, but... we think we are essential :)

I have to call them tomorrow, we are likely down until tomorrow, maybe longer if I can't convince them that we are essential...


Zeige Konversation is down - we don't know the cause yet, we can't reach both machines and also not the serial-console interfaces - we suspect there is some hiccup at the university datacentre - let's hope for the best - we keep you updated!

well, we are down a few days and lost the password and the recovery-mail address was also down - that didn't work so well - but now we are prepared :)

hello world! this account will post status updates during maintenance or outages for services like and


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