Next #app 🌈 at @fdroidorg, today 73 (!) updates and 6 new apps, e.g.:

* Brackey's IDE: a code editor
* Fritter: client for Nitter (and Twitter)
* Loud Bang: a WSPR Client

Updates include e.g.

* OpenFoodFacts: after a looong break finally builds again
* F-Droid Client: hopefully better Latest tab

and many, many more. As always: enjoy your #foss #Android #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Some Apps like the FairEmail or Fritter App cannot be downloaded. Clearing cache and restarting thr F-Droid App did not help. Is this to be expected?

@lazalatin Depending on which mirror you end up, yes. As they say daily at Russian offices: "Nje gotov, prijedete savtra" (literally: "not ready, come back tomorrow") – rawly translated: try again later. Give the mirrors a few hours to sync.


I see, thank you for clarifying. Seeing forward to trying out the new Apps :mastolove:

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