So one argument to buy an external HDD from WD again next time: they use narrower power adapters. Bought a Seagate now and can't use the outlet next to it. On the right the WD for comparison.

What does it say about us if we start with the Mojitos now at 3pm at the Christmas party?

Uff, everything hurts but it was a great concert...

Declare me insane if I ever want to start standing in queue for a concert 3 hours before entrance. And especially with this temperatures.

Einmal Hafen muss schon sein wenn ich in Hamburg bin.

Seriously, it is not THAT cold that everyone needs to heat like to 90°C... First the train, now the coffee house... *grasping for fresh air*

On my way to Hamburg to see @Shinedown tonight! \o/

Had a lot of fun tonight with Calypsonic Steel Orchestra live performance. I love this music! Happy me, dancing all the time <3

Getting into some hardware handycraft work. A lesson in patience and for the fine motor skills (which apparently I don't have) ;-) But @anathem is a great teacher! :-*

Ich hatte verdrängt wie scheiße es ist Freitags um diese Zeit mit dem RE1 zu fahren...

Had a wonderful evening with my mother at the Tina Dico concert in Dortmund <3

Damn, my water bottle leaked and ruined my notebooks :-/

So ein richtiger Old School Hörsaal. Nix für große Menschen :-/ TU München

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