If you hadn’t guessed it, I have to set up a new computer. Also impressive how much Firefox tries to sell you.

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It is 2022 and Microsoft still hides file extensions by default. Impressive.

Can I finally pay for podcasts outside of the US? I’m tired of listening to ads and sponsors

USB C PD is the best (and only good) thing that came out of USB since 1.1

It feels like people on Mastodon are easier to reach. On Twitter you drown in the crowd when you reply to your tech idols but on mastodon I’m pretty sure people actually read what you write. This may just be because there aren’t as many users here though.

When (if) I finally work on my website again, I wonder if I could leverage my yubikeys instead of username password. Since my account would be the only one I don’t need backwards comparability. I’ll have to check how far the frameworks in $(language of choice) are.

It's disappointing how few online services actually have U2F support. Got a fancy YubiKey and can only use U2F on Github and Twitter, and as a FIDO key on Microsoft.

You have to pay to edit your photos in the Google Photo app??? Wtf???

BRB building my personal cloud gaming solution

~7000 Games, yet nothing to play…

Still a remarkable gadget, even plays PS1 games at 60fps

Just opened a website that hat around 1000 images on a single page. Half of them didn’t load. Reloaded the page. Got banned by Cloudflare for suspicious activity… you know, like requesting 1k images.

Beware, I’ll probably post some old tweets on here in the next few days so they’re archived somewhere and so that people see what I usually post. Still need to get the Twitter bridge set up for future adventures.

Now I really want to ActivityPubify my personal website. I've procrastinating on rewriting it for ages now...

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Also, it somehow is easier to find new people on here, since you can just check their respective server for similar-minded people. Really enjoying my homeserver and fosstodon.org so far!

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So far I'm really enjoying the Fediverse and especially Mastodon. Using it is wayyyyy easier than expected, I'd even say Mastodon is easier than Twitter these days.

Does the new EU regulation say anything about decentralized services (Matrix, Mastodon, …)? Couldn’t find anything while skimming through it.

I wonder how many "We've sent you the verification link by email"-flows are just there to connect a desktop browser to a mobile browser for tracking purposes.

It works! Now the only issue is the missing airflow. The GPU is sitting right next to a PERC H330, and the server is not built for anything hot in the PCIe slots. Not a single fan near that area.

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