And the award for best title of a paper I've read this year goes to:

First overheat warning of the year. I could have expected that.

Want to try out the new MacBook screen notch? Just put a webcam on top of your business monitor.

I wish every Windows installation would be as clean as the Windows Sandbox one

That only took me like 4 hours. Remember back when you just sent unencrypted passwords to some random PHP script? Those were the times...

Zeige Konversation

Update: I can highly recommend USB C cables with wattage displays. This one costs around 4-5€.

Zeige Konversation

So three months ago I had a rare burst of productivity and now I get all the „certificate expired“ emails for failed side projects.

Digitalization in Germany. „Coffee Maschine“ router/modem.

~7000 Games, yet nothing to play…

Still a remarkable gadget, even plays PS1 games at 60fps

There are two ways to interpret this. Google says "Asian & Pacific Islander Creators", though I was pretty sure that I just watch too many developer streams.

Imagine this, but in a 1U server rack blank. All statistics, warnings, etc. visible as you glance over to your homelab rack.

Maybe I’ll try that when I find some cheap ones.


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