I've had the MacBook for like 2 weeks now, and surprisingly I haven't installed Asahi Linux. Yet.

More details: I was working on a project that builds inside a Docker container. But instead of copying the input files, it bind-mounts the source folder.

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One hour wasted because I forgot that MacOS by default uses a case-insensitive file system. Nice.

It's one of those "compile Linux, check Twitter, forget you were compiling Linux" kind of days

Don't mind me, just recompiling UEFI-OVMF/TianoCore so I can get prettier logos while waiting for VMs to start up.

In hindsight, buying Parallels Desktop was a mistake when there's UTM. Yes, there isn't as much integration but that's a good thing from my perspective.

Reminder to check your backups. Mine broke once again.

TrueNAS Core could be such a great all-in-one home server os, but Bhyve definitely is not production ready yet

The good news: I finally have that random burst of productivity and am working on a few programming tasks I've been postponing.

The bad news: I probably won't sleep anytime soon.

Maybe because cp copies the files one after the other so there is no chance for a file locking bug to manifest?

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MacOS review so far: Copying a file to a SMB share via the Finder corrupts it, but copying it to the same share via "cp" works fine. Wtf?

Since I got my MacBook, I only use my desktop tower as a 1500€ foot rest

At this point the best way to get me to work is starting to watch some TV show and get distracted by work on the second monitor.

The proprietary compiler for a research project segfaults on me. How's your day going so far?

She's a 6 but can finish a Debian installation without looking at the screen or keyboard once

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He's a 10 but he probably has hearing damage from sitting next to servers all day

@snaums Bin schon dabei, daran wird wahrscheinlich meine MA anknüpfen

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