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So three months ago I had a rare burst of productivity and now I get all the „certificate expired“ emails for failed side projects.

Digitalization in Germany. „Coffee Maschine“ router/modem.

The company I sometime ago tweeted about that uses some Chinese domains for their Active Directory name also uses Oracle owned IPv4s as internal network, at least a whole /16.
That also explains why a bunch of Oracle websites are unreachable.

Turning push notifications off to not get distracted anymore and then checking 5 apps every few minutes for new messages was not my brightest idea.

It’s such a wonderful day, just sold some Cisco gear, time to Hackintosh a dying thinkpad.

Visual Studio 2010 was peak productivity and you can’t convince me otherwise.

SSH key works in Windows' SSH client but not in git? Turns out git on Windows does not accept CRLF since it uses a different SSH implementation than the default Windows' one. Just lost half an hour.

Time to replace a Produktion Proxmox/ZFS Installation with Hyper-V/ZFS. For sanity reasons this is a joke.

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Wow, I did not expect there to be a /working/ ZFS driver for Windows. This really makes me get dumb ideas.

Mastodon app UX update, time to retrain my muscle memory

Never buy a cheap motherboard, I can literally hear network activity in my headset

Just once I wish for a Nextcloud update to work properly and not get caught in some type of limbo

If you hadn’t guessed it, I have to set up a new computer. Also impressive how much Firefox tries to sell you.

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It is 2022 and Microsoft still hides file extensions by default. Impressive.

Can I finally pay for podcasts outside of the US? I’m tired of listening to ads and sponsors

USB C PD is the best (and only good) thing that came out of USB since 1.1

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