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It wouldn't be Oracle Cloud if it actually worked

I wish every Windows installation would be as clean as the Windows Sandbox one

That only took me like 4 hours. Remember back when you just sent unencrypted passwords to some random PHP script? Those were the times...

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Fun fact: WordPress+WooCommerce make over 400 database queries PER PAGE LOAD

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Also why do I care about extreme performance for a website that gets around 4 visitors per day?

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Today we're going to abuse SQLite as a Key Value store

I did not expect Ruffle (the Flash Player replacement) to work as good as it does. Just tried out some games not on Flashpoint and I am amazed.

She's a 10 but she uses the Domain Admin account to do anything

TrueNAS 12U8 isn't too stable either. For some reason installing a Windows Server 2012 VM segfaults byhve? Server 2019 works just fine. I'm giving up.

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Wondering how bad of an idea it would be to write an entire blog engine in Nginx/OpenResty config files

My main issue was the assumption that TrueNAS 13 is production ready just because it has been released at all. It isn’t. Stick to 12.

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Today I migrated from Proxmox with Debian VMs to TrueNAS with jails. Don’t get me wrong, Proxmox is very nice but for my usecase TrueNAS and jails just are better. What I love most are all the Web UI settings for things I used to write cron scripts for.

Reinstalling a server OS over a Debian ISO over IDRAC virtual disc over a VPN over my phones flaky 4g connection. Wish me luck.

I need something between TrueNAS core and scale - I want the Linux base with KVM capabilities but without all that Kubernetes stuff

MikroTik really changed how the switch LEDs blink without even mentioning it in the changelog. Thought I was going crazy.

Homelab tip of the day: Nested bhyve in qemu/KVM crashes the guest and sometimes brings the host down with it. Nice.

Also I can’t believe that I have to resort to leet speak to not get run over by bot accounts.

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Who needs a bl0ckcha1n when you can just tweet some hashes every now and then. Immutable enough for my use case.

Did some minor Proxmox update really switch the whole bootloader from grub to systemd? Shouldn’t this be considered a breaking change?

Update: I can highly recommend USB C cables with wattage displays. This one costs around 4-5€.

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