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I finally have stable IPv6 in the lab! But: NAT :(

No need for TrueNAS when you have's Cockpit Plugin. Great work!

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Absolutely obsessed with the graphs/logs in the new Cockpit Dashboard. It even shows logs when there are unusual load spikes.

My bookmark toolbar is just a LIFO queue of my thoughts. I think the first entry is regarding some project in 2017.

I need to blog more instead of tweeting every single thought

I wonder if I can sneak TempleOS into my masters thesis

Do I really want to replace TrueNAS with raw Debian just to get a working hypervisor?

This means I get to do my whole IPv6 setup again. And it won't be pretty. Maybe some private fd00::/8 magic? I have no clue yet. Or I just accept the fate of

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Turns out, my ISP really changes their customers IPv6 prefixes, so my network broke

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Me? Indecisive about which language to use? Impossible!

I absolutely cannot decide whether I want the public-facing pages of my blog to be dynamic or statically generated beforehand

Update on my Circle Spots: Now with black caps that keep me from directly looking into the light sources, even if I rest my head against the wall.
Also, after throwing a bit of linear algebra and perlin noise onto them, the color effects are now mathematically fully continuous on a circle (in reality they're still quantized due to the runtime environment being a digital computer) and don't have visible "seams" anymore.

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I just found a static site generator (text only) that needs to know the physical disk block size for performance reasons. Maybe it is overly optimised.

So HN has their typical „all email software, providers and self hosting is bad“ day

Imagine if C had the Go import system. No more dependency hell, just


Why, Dell, would you build servers that use NVMe drives just fine, but not boot from them? Why would you hate me that much?

I really should stop romanticising rewriting things in C

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