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The proprietary compiler for a research project segfaults on me. How's your day going so far?

She's a 6 but can finish a Debian installation without looking at the screen or keyboard once

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He's a 10 but he probably has hearing damage from sitting next to servers all day

Maybe buying an M2 MacBook shortly before doing a lot of x86 research wasn't the best idea

And the award for best title of a paper I've read this year goes to:

I get the feeling that rewriting my website in 5 different frameworks without ever releasing it is not the best use of my time.

Wondering how well an M1 Mac Mini would fare as a general purpose server - with Asashi Linux, the low price and power efficiency it might be worth a try.

(un)expected effects of climate change 

My colleagues at work are disabling Vectoring on many DSLAM line cards, as they are getting too hot and crash.
Climate change is so much fun..

Also the GPU in my workstation is peaking at 96°C I’m sure that’s fine

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First overheat warning of the year. I could have expected that.

I didn't expect a single 4k HDR Plex stream to use half of my server's power. That can only mean I have to invest more money.

Why do I even buy devices with Retina displays when I'm just gonna look at a 80 column terminal over VNC over RDP all day anyway?

The Apple Shop website is about as overworked as I am

You can use Tailwind without npm/node now? That's handy for my ASP.NET sites

Want to try out the new MacBook screen notch? Just put a webcam on top of your business monitor.

Before you get a custom email domain (you should), please consider how often you need to spell it out verbally to people over the phone. Especially with gTLDs. My life is hell.

Imagine the horror of using a captive portal that does not save your MAC address after authenticating. Oh your connection gets lost because you changed the room? Your phone went on standby and disabled WiFi to save power? Better log in again. And again. And again.

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