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So weit actually made it. Hello Stockholm

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I can go from Budapest to Antwerp by train and no trouble .... But the Danes believe they need border control?!

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So. In my way to PETS ( where I'm going to present about generic privacy. Let's see if taking the train was a good idea

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Ich habe wohl einen validen Ort bei der Wärme gefunden

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Climate collapse, Fermi paradox 

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Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

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"tech is ethically neutral" is "guns don't kill people" for techbros

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If you are a trans or non-binary person, your participation in this anonymous survey is appreciated! (and boost also appreciated!)

Name change for trans or non-binary people

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This is really bad style though. The best way to check the python major version is to do

>>> python_version = round(8/3)


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Saying “C/C++” is like saying “MULTICS/Linux”

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What heretical software features can you imagine that would never fly at a growth oriented company but could totally work on free open source social media?

For example, algorithmic timelines are one way to deal with information overload. But what if instead your software offered suggestions for people to unfollow (this person posts a lot and you hardly ever interact with them)? Not necessarily a good idea but it's an idea we could implement that would NEVER happen on Twitter, Facebook, etc

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@juka Was mich auch wundert, dass das auch in der "Fachpresse" nicht thematisiert wird. Fehlende Sicherheitsupdates sind für so gut wie niemanden ein Grund, ein Gerät nicht mehr zu nutzen.

Wo ist der "Die besten Tablets 2019"-Artikel, bei dem zumindest die garantierte Supportzeit berücksichtigt wird?

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The answer to information goods pricing isn't micropayments.
It's macropayments.

Tiered to nominal standards of use.

Centrally collected over a large set of services.

With an open and public process of service determination and interest advocacy.

With a disinterested-party dispute resolution process.

Predicated on ability to pay.


#micropayments #macropayments

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>> wenn ich also das letzte Pixel neu aus dem Store gekauft habe, habe ich Anspruch auf weniger als zwei Jahre Sicherheitsupdates? Was für eine kapitalistische Kackscheisse ist das eigentlich? So ein Gerät ist ein fucking Umweltproblem, so etwas DARF kein Wegwerfprodukt sein! >>

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🖥️ :blobowo: *launches game*

Game: "You must read and accept this end user license agreement to play the game."

🖥️ :blobthinkingglare: *sits and reads the whole darn thing*

*Clicks [Accept]*

🖥️ :blobnervous:
Game: "Error: Your session has timed out from the server."

They didn't figure anyone would actually sit down and read it 🤷

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It's even more worrying to me that it takes such a huge effort to build a usable, secure web browser at all.

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If you find yourself sitting in cars now and then, this might be interesting to you and help you prevent accidents.
So if you open a cars door from the inside, you open the door with the hand that's not next to the door. This means that you turn around you body which automatically turns your vision in the direction where other cars or bikes might come from.

I was taught this early on I believe, anyways this is the way I have always done it.

#dutchReach #bike

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Seit über 60 Jahren informiert unsere Demokratie unaufgeregt, gründlich und ausgewogen. Nun aber droht Unheil durch die Meinungsmache von und vielleicht sogar irgendwelcher Social Bots😱
Kann die Demokratie retten?

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I've yet to find a hotel where the green "we care for the environment. towels on the floor mean replace, towels on the rack mean keep." stickers in the bathroom actually means that they will not replace the towel I've carefully hang up for drying. 😾

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