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Ich find Pixelfed so lächerlich. Warum genau kann ich 500 Zeichen Beschreibung eingeben, die dann aber nicht angezeigt werden? Sondern bei 80(?) gecappt auf "Untitled Post"... >.<

Uni-Gebäude in Hannover. Eine dunkle Aura umgibt dieses besondere Exemplar.

Just read about Google pushing out a lovely update that caused outages all over the globe, and read this portion in the article (from zdnet, which i don't reccomend, so I'll find another link to somewhere less... um somewhere I'd feel better about linking to.)

A sysadmin wrote this angry message to Google about this:
"Do you see the impact you created for thousands of us without any warning or explanation? We are not your test subjects," said an angry sysadmin. "We are running professional services for multi million dollar programs. Do you understand how many hours of resources were wasted by your 'experiment'?"

Dear Sysadmin: Yes, yes you ARE their test subjects, according to their behavior. Take this as a lesson to NOT use their services or their products, because they treat you as a test subject, _always._

Also, they're not the only one.
(I seem to recall finding this in Firefox at one point and saying "HELL NO WTF")

i saw this on twit so im sharing it here too:

If you're playing Sword / Shield tonight, you might wanna disable the autosave function for the time being. Multiple players are reporting an autosave glitch that could potentially wipe your SD card clean.

My 15yo kid just came out to me tonight as trans male. In order to be more supportive, I would really like some feedback from other trans folks on how to assist or better understand this process, especially on how that works today vs 30 years ago.

Caveat- I had a parent who is trans, but this isn't the same kind of relationship. I would actually be assisting my minor child in this change, so that makes me a more active participant in the process.

Feel free to boost. #trans

Hello @fdroidorg it has come to my attention that you are hosting a barely modified version of @Tusky branded to a hateful Gab instance full of TERFs in your main repository. I suggest you nuke that app immediately if you don't want to be suspicious of supporting hatespeech. gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/m

Und schließlich, mit neuem Hauptdarsteller wurde Season 3 angekündigt.

Ich finde übrigens, ich habe die besten Brexit-Plakate. Glaubt ihr mir nicht? Nagut...

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Bundesländer so: "Antrag Bildungsurlaub 36C3 braucht noch das Vortragsprogramm!" – Wir so: "Ja, eyh, steht noch nicht." – "Ähm, aber ihr verkauft doch schon Tickets!" – "Ja!" – "Woher weiß der Teilnehmer dann schon, dass das Programm taugt?" – "…" – "…" 🙈

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Wow, das ging steil. ;-)

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Leute! Noch 1400 Unterschriften und der Petitionsausschuss im Bundestag muss sich mit einer CO2 Kennzeichnung für Lebensmittel beschäftigen. Lasst uns das möglich machen. Es bleiben weniger als 5 Stunden. Kriegen wir hin, oder? ✊ epetitionen.bundestag.de/petit

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"With streaming services there's no reason to pira-"

Exclusive content

Content that can easily be removed by any contract changes

Region locking

Not being able to offically know which content is available before subscribing

Bad UI

DRM playback

Online only

Only on supported devices/OSs/browsers

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I posted a 20 second Tik Tok about how to properly open an external condom packet. I never used the word sex or explicit language, yet Tik Tok deleted it w/in two hours for “violating community guidelines”.

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Hey . Geht wählen! Heute ist Stichwahl zur Oberbürgermeisterwahl.

if a cis person asks you about "the operation", don't worry, they're just being crass. they don't actually know about the covert strike to overthrow the fascist oligarchs in this country

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