reminder that the whole "paperclip optimization" problem (the idea that an AI could/would destroy humanity if you told it to optimize for something because it would become the most optimal path) is actually... already there. they're called companies. it's all called capitalism. it's destroying the environment and exploiting humanity to optimize for money for shareholders.

Reminder: Elon Musk did not found Tesla Motors. He bought the company from its founders and as a part of the deal he purchased the title, “founder.” The actual founders are contractually forbidden from referring to themselves as founders.

It's weird to think that for thousands of years the only music you heard was what the one guy who lived down the road could play on his mandolin or whatever.


Where does bias in AI come from? Almost everywhere in the process of building a model, honestly. breaks it down.


Found this in production today. I need a drink.

imagine how far we as a society had come if we focused on improving rail transport INSTEAD OF REINVENTING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EQUIPPING HIGHWAYS WITH FUCKING CATENARIES FOR BUSES AND TRUCKS


> There are no cities older than a few hundred years in the US. Rarely do you see a building that's more than 100 years old. I wonder what that does for our mentality towards the past, vs places where there are buildings that are literally 1000 years old and older?

"America is a place where they think 100 years is a long time. Europe is a place where they think 100 miles is a long way"
– old joke

Heute ist der letzte Tag der Flaggensammelbestellung. Hopp, Hopp, falls ihr noch mitbestellen wollt!

Ich bekomme immer wieder mal Essen in die Timeline gespuelt, in aller Regel auch mit cw:food. Jetzt ist aber da Problem, dass ich gerne veganes Essen sehe, bei unveganem Essen aber bereue auf anzeigen geklickt zu haben. Vermutlich geht es nicht nur mir so. Demnach hielte ich es fuer Sinnvoll, auch vegan oder unvegan in die cw zu schreiben. Vielen Dank :3

"Economists at #Facebook conducted 15 experiments… A large retailer launched a Facebook campaign. Initially it was assumed that the retailer’s ad would only have to be shown 1,490 times before one person actually bought something. But the experiment revealed that many of those people would have shopped there anyway; only one in 14,300 found the webshop because of the ad. … selection effects were almost 10 times stronger than the advertising effect"

The willful blindness to waste—jawdropping.

Infosec I suppose, seriousposting 

What powers the AI on the Information Superhighway? 

Hallo liebe #36C3-Attendees!

Wir ( und ich) haben im Keller relativ viel IT-Zeug aus einer Wohnungsauflösung eines verstorbenen Bekannten stehen.

Da wir es nicht verkauft bekommen und ungern wegwerfen möchten, würden wir es gerne zum Congress mitbringen, sodass jede

"In particular the C++ Standard Library, in accordance with the spirit of C++, extends the number of ways a buffer overflow bug might sneak into your program."

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