keys found! sunday 11:00 in neukölln emser str corner ilsestr on the streets (not sidewalk) - pls RT!

Zur Info: Um diese Instanz vor Gab-Krempel zu schützen folge ich @gabwatch, dort identifizierte Instanzen werde ich überprüfen und vermutlich blocken. Falls jemand noch weitere Quellen oder Ideen diesbezüglich hat gerne melden. /cc @Drezil

ukpol, Tory fuck up 

People on the german forum are looking for the extensive printed documentation for Thomas Tempelmann's TempleMon debuger/disassembler for #Atari ST/TT/Falcon. Apparently those 120 pages never had a digital distribution, and the original file has been lost. Does anyone happen to have any leads?

The application itself has been made available for free a long time ago:

Original thread (in German):


Name für eine strahlende Death Metal-Band: Goreleben

"You can't use work as a break from other work. That just doesn't work"

@mastonaut Should Mastonaut work with Mastodon instances for which the local and web domains are different? See also the docs at

@matthew_d_green If only there were dedicated, exclusive, distinctly-pinned, colour-coded connectors for keyboards and mice.

PS: There were.

PS/2: The industry killed them.

PSA: Free Speech doesn't mean everyone has to give you a platform. Moderating content isn't #censorship. The current discussion around #FDroid and gab has nothing to do with free speech at all.

If you want to distribute an app that no one else wants to host make your own repo.
If you have an opinion that isn't welcome anywhere else make your own blog.

Using that as a homeschooling parent

I'm going to print out a cover identifying The Odyssey as "Troy Story 2"

"Illium" was another name for the city of Troy

"-ad" is a suffix that can be used to mean "the story of"

Therefore "The Illiad" is properly translated as; drumroll please...

Troy Story

If you’re thinking “maybe isn’t so bad”, just take a look a the following account for an example of the kind of awful people they allow.

CW: homophobic & ableist slurs, more awfulness on full profile


Mein Hobby: Leuten mit Sinn fuer Gestaltung „Freude“ machen

Unter anderem bezahlen wir Blockflöten wie Dir deine Diäten .... Aber stell Dir vor, sogar das tue ich gerne, da ich nen demokratischen Rechtsstaat und seine Institutionen ganz gut finde ...

Devil announces that he has plenty of advocates already and that your just being an asshole now.

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