When I was a kid learning programming I was repeatedly told the computer will only do what I tell it to do.

*Looks at Windows 10 with multiple Electron apps installed* :blobthinkingeyes:

also would like to note that this shows up in image search for intel logo

Abrüstung mal anders: Belgische Luftwaffe zerstört bei Wartungsarbeiten eine F16 und beschädigt eine zweite.

Einer der Techniker drückte aus Versehen den Feuerknopf und schoss so auf den vollen Tank einer benachbarten Maschine. Diese wurde komplett zerstört. Die feuernde Maschine wurde dadurch ebenfalls beschädigt.

@thomasfuchs @ajroach42 we should be calling smartphones palmtops. change my mind

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If #Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C. sluggerotoole.com/2018/10/12/b

Ich höre immer wieder von Pottwalen, aber irgendwie kommen mir die zu groß vor, als dass die in die Ruhr passen würden... Im Kemnader See habe ich zumindest noch keinen gesehen 🤔

Here is a list of Free and Open Source Softwares for Android. Didn't find your apps? No problem, open a pull request now!


#androidapps #android #foss #apps #software #opensource

The awkward moment when ticket vouchers for #35c3 are finally out but you are sitting in a cinema and see this due to shitty wifi. #Contentfilter #2018 #Cinecitta :(

Windows 10 isn't an operating system on your computer anymore. This characterization applies new laws to it, distinct from former versions of windows. This is a read, for sure.

software engineering is a social science. you're not solving computer problems, you're using computers to solve people problems. that's why it's so important to design accordingly

The terminal then would display that info in its GUI, and perhaps even let you interact with it (imagine a GtkPopover for changing git branches and a Nautilus-like pathbar for the cwd!) We could then shrink back the prompt back to a simple dollar sign.

That would already be infinitely cool, but it gets better.

What if the shell could send its completions to the terminal and the terminal would display them in a native autocomplete widget (like in Builder)?

What if the terminal could track where the output of each command is and allow you to collapse/expand it with a GtkExpander? What if it could visually present each command and its output as this expandable card, along with the time it was issued and the time it took to run (like `time` outputs) and its exist code? And if it failed, paint that card red? And if it segfaulted, add a button to duck duck go the error, run ABRT or even run dnf debuginfo-install and coredumpctl gdb?

In the "odd requests" category, does anyone have sheet music for the Ugandan national anthem?


@c3WOC Moin. Ihr habt ein Datum für das Camp 2019 auf der Webseite stehen, ist das vermutet oder schon offiziell?

The little known secret of using Mastodon: it tells you to choose an instance but you're actually choosing your admin(s).

Da ham die Bayern wohl die falsche Grenze dicht gemacht...

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The year is 2018. 77% of Imperial Citizens carry around tiny entertainment devices which track their every move and infer their every desire. The devices keep the populace constantly distracted by both fantasy worlds (called "video games" or "Netflix", depending on the format), constant reminders of their peers' superficial success(called "social media"), and aggravating information of dubious validity(called "news"). Non-citizens are treated as subhuman.

People are pretty happy with this for some reason.

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Instanz der KIF für KIFfel und nicht-KIFfel.

Betrieben durch den KIF e.V., aktuell gehostet bei der Fachschaft Informatik der TU Dortmund.