covid19, questionable "solidarity" 

I feel for extroverts who are trapped at home and going out of their skulls. I really do. This is how we introverts feel around you ALL THE TIME. FOR DECADES. CONSTANTLY.

Maybe when this is past, we can compromise a little and build a world where we're all equally uncomfortable?

covid-19 semi shitpost (the news is real) 

"Meiden Sie Menschenaufläufe."
"Na gut, dann mach ich Eintopf."

Mit diesem einfachen Trick sieht die "Corona-Karte" der WAZ sofort viel weniger schlimm aus: Für Deutschland werden Kreise für Bundesländer gezeigt, für die Nachbarn auf Landesebene. 16 "kleine" Kreise sehen viel weniger schlimm als ein großer Kreis aus!

"For the foreseeable future, we’ll be refunding the purchase price of our book “REMOTE: Office Not Required”."

Great gesture by Basecamp! Their book is an amazing intro to remote work and one of only two books I put on the resources list of my "how to thrive working from home" guide

Details about the refund are at

Have you opened your browser console lately? We're looking for you. 😉
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Me, exhausted: "Germany you can't just call everything with crushed tomatoes "ketchup"."

Germany, pointing at a jar of pasta sauce: "Noodle ketchup."

The hold music for our company's phone system is served by an ancient ipod that's locked in an electrical closet, duck-taped to the wall. Nobody remembers the ipod's unlock code.


who does serious weight lifting and can give me some tips about what I want: real strength and muscle as I get older, I want to remain really strong and some vanity muscles too :)

A big problem with modern Star Trek in my opinion is that it was born as Forbidden Planet but now everyone thinks it has to be Wrath of Khan.

"What if all our weapons were useless against the monsters which lurk in the human heart" vs "but what if just all our weapons".

Übrigens: Diese ganzen Maßnahmen wegen des Coronavirus wie die Absage von Großveranstaltungen, Absperrung ganzer Gebiete (oder Staaten) usw. werden nicht getroffen weil das Virus so gefährlich für den Einzelnen wäre, sondern damit das Gesundheitssystem nicht zusammenbricht.

Liebe PolitikerInnen: Reden wir doch mal darüber, wie ein Gesundheitssystem aussehen müsste, das nicht schon bei einer Grippewelle an seine Grenzen kommt.

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