If you don’t think browser monopolies are bad:

Google still doesn’t support adding a FIDO U2F key to Google Accounts from Firefox, literally years after everyone else supports it among large tech companies.

„Hihi witzig, in Berlin heissen Altglascontainer »Glasi-Glus«… oh warte… Glas-Iglus okay“ #okfleaks

I'm so old that when I was at university we still believed in the "semantic web".

#Emby has officially gone closed-source, putting more impetus on this project to provide a Free Software fork/alternative to Emby. The new project can be found at github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin and is now GPLv2.0.

Big differences:
* no features/membership (freemium like emby was)
* no abusive CLA for contributors that allows the company to close the source…
* committed to free software (they have already replaced the infamous blobs bundled along emby)

- article: linuxuprising.com/2018/12/jell
- fork subreddit: reddit.com/r/jellyfin/
- annouces:
- reddit.com/r/linux/comments/a5
- reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/a55
- reddit.com/r/emby/comments/a54

#jellyfin #foss #opensource

"Hm, wir brauchen eine eindrucksvolle Grenz-Zeremonie. Soldaten, die eindrucksvoll marschieren und ganz zackig wichtige Dinge tun. Kennt jemand einen guten Choreographen, der da was entwirft?"

"Ja, da gibt es einen renommierten Engländer... Ich glaube, er heißt Cleese oder so. Ja genau: John Cleese."

#35C3 family emergency.
I got confused when ordering tickets for 35C3, and apparently must have forgotten to order one of the tickets that we wanted to get? I was sure I had ordered 4 tickets, but can indeed only find 3 bank transfers for the tickets.😥

As a consequence of my mistake, we are now lacking a ticket and won't be able to go as our complete family unit (4 adults and 2 kids).

Unless some awesome person shows up and sells us their ticket.

If you have a spare, PLEASE contact me ASAP!

Google managed to introduce YET ANOTHER SECURITY HOLE into G+, so they're shutting down the consumer version EVEN FASTER. This tells me that they're unwilling to put effort into software that doesn't make them money, so we should expect to see security holes and surprise shutdowns in everything except Search and Ads.


We've heard a lot of advice to move away from Mastodon.social to smaller instances. While joinmastodon.org/ is useful, how about some reviews from the people on the ground?

What's good about your instance? What's bad? Who is it for? Any special features or rules?

Tell us, and tag it #InstanceReviews.

der #35c3 fahrplan ist das inverse zur bundestagswahl:

es fällt mir schwer mich zwischen jeweils 5 geilen dingen zu entscheiden, bin mir aber gleichzeitig sicher, dass ich das ergebniss sehr gut finden werde, egal wie ich mich entscheide.

Nach diesem Toot wird diese Instanz nur noch 42 Toots brauchen, um auf 10000 Toots zu kommen. Zufall? 🤔😅

Yo Dortmund und Ost-Pott allgemein, wir (Mitglieder der Fachschaft Informatik der TU Dortmund bzw. dessen @fossag) fahren am 26.12. Morgens zum und am 30. Abends zurück, und hätten noch 4 Autoplätze (Viano mit Einzelsitze) frei. Kostenbeitrag wäre so 25-30€ p.P. hin und zurück je nach Auslastung der Autos und jeweiligen Spritpreisen. Will wer mit?

Today is the 50 anniversary of "the mother of all demos", given by Douglas Engelbart. In 1968, he decided to skip 40 years of technological progress and introduce the internet, markup languages, the mouse, collaborative editors and videoconferences in just one hour and a half. Just amazing. youtube.com/watch?v=yJDv-zdhzM

hey everyone writing code: you can't get around this. code does not exist in a noble mathematical void which absolves you of accountability. any system which people touch is tied into the fabric of society, and should be scrutinized for potential to do harm.

How to make a racist AI without really trying blog.conceptnet.io/posts/2017/

"... the sentiment is generally more positive for…

Wanna feel old? This coming March is Futurama’s 20th anniversary.

This might just be the worst idea reg. project collaboration that the emoji generation of programmers has come up with yet: gitmoji.carloscuesta.me/

Was man für Kinder nicht so alles macht *schauder* Gleich mal was Disturbed und Within Temptation auflegen, um den Ohren den Schock wegzuspülen 😅😬 toot.kif.rocks/media/U733OzN4Y

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