CVE-2019-0: CVE database susceptible to integer overflow

Does anyone know of a good text based adventure game library (any language) for developing console based text adventures? #programming

Wer übrigens mal in Darmstadt ist und großen Hunger auf eine Calzone-style Pizza mit Schinken, 2 Schnitzel und Bolognese (ja, im Ernst) hat, ich kann die weiterempfehlen 😄

Ah, man antwortete mir protected, aber es war bei Meine Erinnerung war wohl auch etwas übertrieben, ich hatte selbst "nur" eine Bestellung über 217,60€ für 17 Schnipizzel und ein paar anderen Sachen aufgegeben.

Hintergrund: Ich hatte die Bestellung damals übers Internet abgegeben, worauf ich kurz danach einen Anruf bekam "Sie wollen wirklich 17 Schnipizzel, das ist richtig?" 😅

Liebe , von welcher Pizzeria hatten wir nochmal auf der die Schnipitzel bestellt? Google "forgot" to tell customers about the unadvertised microphone in Nest Secure. In other news, the Greeks "forgot" to tell Troy about the unadvertised soldiers in that big wooden horse. Adtech IoT devices are not your friend.

Is there a word describing the polar opposite of DevOps? As in “in Germany, most of the public sector does ~, i.e., neither Development nor Operations”?

That nervous and terrified feeling when you audaciously submit a PR to someone's repository like you're some kind of competent person who knows what the fuck they're doing.

me: DevOps is good for your organization, your delivery and your culture
enterprise: We already do DevOps!
me: Oh cool, show me!

With the debate over #Microsoft #Windows vs #GNU #Linux raging on, I look at why Windows is unquestionably the top choice in the foreseeable in terms of ease, #accessibility, and #ethics. Noble as #FOSS advocacy is, can it really compete, especially among #women, going forward?

Hier gibt’s eine meap GmbH, und mein Kopf hat sich die Firma einfach mit alle Angestellte sind Beaker vorgestellt... 😱😅🙃

Capitalism in a nutshell:

1. Invest all money in businesses that exploit natural resources (the environment/people) in an unquenchable, shortsighted & illogical thirst for perpetual growth within a closed system.

2. When ramifications become visible, blame the people forced to patronise those businesses due to lack of alternatives for being irresponsible in their personal consumption choices.

Rinse and repeat until we all die because we’ve destroyed our habitat.

So, how’s your week going? :)

I think I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy web development - I just fucking hate the industry. (What I've seen of it so far at least).

Business' don't have any concern with the basic rights of people (privacy specifically). Yes they stick a "Privacy Policy" in the right place, but that's only to tell you how they are violating it, in general.

We really are in a dirty place in the networked age. We need to do better. And developers need to stop worshipping at the alter if fucking #google


programmers: RTFM
also programmers: [have never read any contemporary academic scholarship on a social topic]
also programmers: [have ignorant and offensive opinions about contemporary social topics, unknowingly or knowingly reproducing imperialism and white supremacy]


Not sure ob beste oder schlechtester Karaoke-Bar Berlins 🤔 /cc @anathem @Nolle

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