Judging by how I currently feel my proverbial candle must be hyperdimensional and must have somewhere around 7 or 8 ends from which I have been burning it. Yet I can’t wait to get my hands back on my editor to finish getting that client’s code out of my brain into the computer. This is seriously exhausting.

Me: OK, so you took the monday off, just don't do anything and get as much rest as possible.

Also me: *rests* *does laundry* *rests a little more* *spends 2 hours scanning and sorting paperwork* *fetches kid and takes it to the doctors and gets groceries on the way home* *goes out again getting groceries the other store didn't have* *sits down at the computer to watch the replay of the Apple keynote (no judging)* well, while I'm here I can start that rebase for work…

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It seems I don't know how to rest or vacation anymore? Or just plain suck at it?

Maybe I should look for a vacation place where you willingly give up your electronics upon entering and spend your time in a Faraday cage with a nothing else than a couch in it? I'm afraid that I'd notice this doesn't exist yet and that'd send me running after another yak that'd need shaving…

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@thegcat Tried that. Thinking about all the things I could get done instead of doing nothing totally stressed me out. By the end of that time I dreaded returning to the real world. So many things that piled up in the meantime.

@vollkorn There's that, but I also can't not do anything for that long. Just the thought of it *shudders*

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