In light of and and so on I'm also very tempted to block the instance. And this makes me somewhat sad because I think I would have wanted to like the idea.

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It seems Purism is planning on reverting this decision/code, see As I haven't seen nor had reports of problematic behaviour from the instance I will not block it but will revisit this decision regularly (every week?) until there's either no reason anymore because they accept reports again, or because I got tired of waiting and no progress was visible. /cc @Drezil @uniporn

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It seems this did never materialize, they even seem to have dug in their heels that’s it for federating with that instance then /cc @Drezil @uniporn

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@thegcat I'm tempted to just write "Do it!", but I gues that' some portion of defiance in me calling for this. Hence I have to admit I see out point in linking the idea, however when trying to expand a community they should try to expand it, not to accept decay of culture for sake of monitisation or intend to change in the first place - one rule about relationships I have been taught is not to hope for the change of the other half - it's dishonest and doesn't even work. jm2c...

@thegcat I would block them instantly as long as they don't offer a report function for users.

It would be interesting how the new regulations in Germany (NetzDG etc.) would be applied to such a social network .. as they take money & are way beyond "hobby" they should have to handle it with all the might of the law..

btw: are you liable (via NetzDG) for federating with them when you cannot block/report them? Or is there another way?

@Drezil I can still block the instance, so I'd guess that in case of problematic contents I could still block either single users of the instance or the whole instance and remove the problematic content from this instance. I think that would be enough comply with current regulations. Not sure about upcoming regulations.

@Drezil The whole "operators need to scan user data" makes any federated-type service exponentially difficult to host though, as you can't guarantee whomever operates other federated entities has performed the appropriate checks and you'd need to scan however big a chunk of the federated space you're engaged with on your own instance. Let's say this doesn't scale very well.

@thegcat Well .. when i report things they will get reported to you first & i can select to forward the report to the other instance as well..
NetzDG is only reactive, not pre-active .. you have 24hrs after a user-complaint.. if you have a significant amount of users .. but IANAL..

@Drezil yes, that part of the answer was more geared towards upcoming european legislation, for which I'm not sure if and what steps we will be required to take.

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