@mastonaut Should Mastonaut work with Mastodon instances for which the local and web domains are different? See also the docs at

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@Thegcat As far as I can tell, it should work. Just try authenticating with the same URL as you use to browse the website. If returns a valid JSON, then that domain should work.

@mastonaut Ah, I might have mistaken the source of the error. The description shows fine, the error is after clicking on "next". I have already mobile clients and so on that are used on this instance, so I'm not sure if this is a misconfiguration on our part or a bug.
If it helps I can have a look at the logs of the edge Proxy for both and, if you can point me at where to look.

@Thegcat So I’ve investigated this further, and I can fix it, but I also think this could be a bug/inconsistency in the mastodon API. I will investigate further and let you know. Thanks for bringing up this issue 😊

@mastonaut Thank you for taking care of this. Let me know if you need help with testing this. You can also click an account on this instance if needed.

@mastonaut Should this be fixed in the 31.7. update? I just tried after the update and still get the aforementioned error.

@Thegcat unfortunately not, I’m sorry. I tried including a fix for that, but it turned out a bit more complicated than I anticipated. It should come in the next release though.

@mastonaut no problem, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t supposed to be fixed but wasn’t. I also pondered getting a refund from Apple as the app is essentially useless to me currently, but I’ll wait a bit if there’s a fix on the horizon :-) Thank you!

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