Banging On It With A Hammer Driven Development

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Addendum: Stubbornly And Repeatedly Banging On It With A Hammer Driven Development. Though I guess the stubborn part would imply the repeatedness. Oh well.

@schnittchen Some part of it gave in, and open a whole new part which can be banged on!

@Thegcat Just don't forget: when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging 😂

@schnittchen Well I did make some progress today, and I'd say not only in the hole-direction 😄 Calling it a day for today and asked the authors of the project I'm writing a plugin for for some help though, so no more digging/banging for now 😅

@Thegcat Sounds like it's time to show your approach and get some feedback (after getting some sleep)

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