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I feel for extroverts who are trapped at home and going out of their skulls. I really do. This is how we introverts feel around you ALL THE TIME. FOR DECADES. CONSTANTLY.

Maybe when this is past, we can compromise a little and build a world where we're all equally uncomfortable?

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"Meiden Sie Menschenaufläufe."
"Na gut, dann mach ich Eintopf."

Mit diesem einfachen Trick sieht die "Corona-Karte" der WAZ sofort viel weniger schlimm aus: Für Deutschland werden Kreise für Bundesländer gezeigt, für die Nachbarn auf Landesebene. 16 "kleine" Kreise sehen viel weniger schlimm als ein großer Kreis aus!

@anathem Nein, da hatte ich keine Notif für bekommen

"For the foreseeable future, we’ll be refunding the purchase price of our book “REMOTE: Office Not Required”."

Great gesture by Basecamp! Their book is an amazing intro to remote work and one of only two books I put on the resources list of my "how to thrive working from home" guide

Details about the refund are at

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Me, exhausted: "Germany you can't just call everything with crushed tomatoes "ketchup"."

Germany, pointing at a jar of pasta sauce: "Noodle ketchup."

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