Important: even if you can afford to buy COVID tests, order the free ones from the government.

Otherwise they'll use "lack of demand" as a fake argument to never do something like this again.

The complexity and love of detail in Bartosz Ciechanowski's in-depth visualisations continues to boggle the mind.

every crypto sales pitch sounds like it was written by Nelson Muntz

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British English speakers don't actually drop consonants, they give them to the Welsh.

Of course NFTs don't have actual products behind them—it's literally just selling DRM tokens to each other for art (mostly computer generated) that in 99% of cases no one actually appreciates or has an interest in.

It's worthless as there's no place they they can pivot to. Unlike for music, I doubt people would pay for streaming smoking apes.

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The music industry turned itself around by shifting from investing millions into DRM or laws to take away rights from consumers and in the process fucking their own customers over (see e.g. Sony Rootkit Scandal)–instead offering better, more convenient products than the pirates.

Today you can stream basically any music you have the whim for in far better quality than was ever available wherever and whenever you want for a relatively low monthly fee.

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You know who tried for decades to make digital scarcity and proof of ownership work?

The music industry.

They had to change their entire business model because, as they discovered, DRM doesn’t work.

NFTs is just DRM with apes.

u ever think about how wild it is that trillions of tiny organisms composed of interlocking molecular computers are constantly working in an incomprehensible harmony to sustain the vessel of my consciousness throughout time all so that i can just lie in bed having anxiety every morning

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When I was young we called “installing multiple services in a containerized architecture” just “static linking”

reminder that NIST 800-63b recommends

- allowing all printing ascii characters
- allowing unicode
- normalizing unicode using NFKC or NFKD prior to hashing
- using a password-strength meter (presumably based on estimated entropy) instead of having composition rules
- not forcing periodic password changes

who called it fracking and not groundbreaking technology

Matthias Runkel @foes_news "Tatsächlich sind die Kraftstoffpreise inflations- und kaufkraftbereinigt seit Jahrzehnten gesunken. Was dagegen real viel teurer wurde, sind Monatstickets für den Nahverkehr. In Hamburg 112,80 Euro pro Monat – das können sich manche nicht leisten."


"I'm not sure how we will survive this return to the office" - one of my favourites quotes from my research on industrialisation -


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