Or I could just do like Robin Rendle and say fuck it to AMP: robinrendle.com/notes/taking-s

"Here’s my hot take on this: fuck the algorithm, fuck the impressions, and fuck the king. I would rather trade those benefits and burn my website to the ground than be under the boot and heel and of some giant, uncaring corporation."

@nolan AMP's rewriting of stuff to be hosted by Google specifically in a way that increases their surveillance, with *pressure* to do so in exchange for a boost in traffic that will absolutely go away anyway once they've forced the entire ecosystem to move over to it, is a sure sign of monopolistic behavior that Google deserves to get hit with an antitrust lawsuit for more than anything else I've seen so far.

Something about Apple's decision to do "OAuth-but-not-quite" rubbed me the wrong way, but this is a great example of how it breaks down very concretely.


Äh, welche geopolitischen Veränderungen habe ich denn jetzt verpasst, Twitch?

@stettberger wo bist du denn in 2-3 Stunden? Ich brettere gleich die A24 runter, lohnt sich ein Umweg zum Drücken? (Wobei ich sollte lieber schnell zum Camp um mein Zelt fertig aufzubauen, oder @Hackhoernchen? 😅)

"Oh du fährst Campen? Hätte ich nicht von dir erwartet, dass du dich freiwillig mal etwas entspannst ohne Internet und Strom."

"Keine Sorge! Es gibt Strom, Glasfaser und eigenes Mobilfunknetz im Zelt. Wo wir schon dabei sind, hast du ein Festnetztelefon über?"


Ich sehe da schon einen gewissen Humor bei der Villageplanung für das #CCCamp19, dass die #KinkyGeeks direkt neben dem #LaTeX Village sind. (Zumindest laut Karte.)

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Es ist noch 1 Ticket für das #CCCamp19 verfügbar!
There is still a Ticket for the #CCCamp19 available.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Maltis/status/1163


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Remember when Stalin, Hitler and George Michael made a pact to divide and conquer Eastern Europe? Poland remembers

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheSneerReview/sta

Just learned the French word "infaux", meaning "fake news", and I think that is absolute genius.

Reminder: "oh, we don't talk about money" / "we don't really compare salaries here" / etc. is literal capitalist propaganda designed to keep you from recognizing the true value of your labor.

Insist on a frank discussion of the compensation you and those around you receive for your time and effort.

it royally pisses me off that automated metro systems actually make sense and have been successfully implemented in small cities and subsections of larger cities while america pisses money down the impossible pipe dream of self driving cars

If you're thinking about taking photos at #cccamp2019 please consider the photo-policy:


Ask -everybody- in the picture if they agree to be photographed or filmed.

It follows that shots from the stage into the audience and long shots in the hackcenters, villages and the other public areas are not possible!

Please note that we might ask photographers and film teams to leave, if they don't behave accordingly.

"How Does TikTok’s ‘For You’ Page Work? Users Have Some Wild Theories" by Caroline Haskins vice.com/en_us/article/xwezwj/

"There’s absolutely no proof that using these hashtags does anything, but it seems like they do. Because so many people use these hashtags, it looks like they _actually_ get videos on people’s For You pages."

We're all just monkeys, banging on the obelisk and trying to figure out what the algorithm wants.

for posterity, here is the original 8M encoded version

because of course I still have it

hey y'all remember when I encoded the hit film Hackers (1995) in 8M? and how it was entirely unrecognizable, low resolution, low framerate, and had no audio?

well, since then, Mastodon has upped its media limit to 40M

so, I present to you: Hackers (1995) in 40M, with sound, at 24FPS and full resolution! encoded with state-of-the-art tools and codecs for your viewing pleasure

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