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political rant, 35c3, anti-facism 

Here we see a group of JavaScript engineers implementing a method that adds two numbers

Dear World,
I am looking for a new team and project to join in the near future.
Preferably on Bitcoin/lightning or Ethereum related - but not a must.
Any hints and leads are welcome <3 \o/

USB was created to stop manufacturers from continuously coming up with new proprietary connectors for peripherals.

After repeatedly changing the shape of USB ports for 15 years the companies will now use DRM to lock each other out


In Tschechien müssen Supermärkte abgelaufene Lebensmittel nun an NGOs verschenken, denn Eigentum verpflichtet. Das oberste Verfassungsgericht hat das entsprechende Gesetz heute durchgewunken.

Over the last years I've been collecting tons of nerd/activism stickers and recently (mostly at #35c3) people asked if I could somehow share/digitalize my archive.

So, here it is:

I also have a twitter account (@stickerarchive) and if someone knows how to easily do automated posting to Mastodon (if that's ok), I'd be happy to set that up!


Wir üben jetzt nochmal zusammen für's neue Jahr:





Ui wie Cool O.O
(via und

Deutsche Post: Es werden immer *weniger* Briefe verschickt, also wird das Porto teurer.
DHL: Es werden immer *mehr* Pakete verschickt, also wird das Porto teurer.

On leaving the politics out of hacking 

"But what the agent was actually being graded on (...) was how close an aerial map was to the original, and the clarity of the street map. So (...) It learned how to subtly encode the features of one into the noise patterns of the other."

Bostrom was right. This is a "paperclip AI" scenario, in which an AI interprets its utility function in a novel way that gives the desired result but causes unforseen problems in the making.

We should make #36c3 even more political, queer and feminist than #35c3 to drive those bro's away, that make it partly unsafe for people like me and minorities. I won't say make it less technical but get all kinds of people in that don't feel safe to attend yet. Flash news: feminist women can be hackers as well, we're not decoration or there for men's annoyance.

"Der #35c3 war mir zu radikal mit der Antifa-Flagge im Eingangsbereich, ich geh da nicht mehr hin."

Ach so ein Mist aber auch, was machen wir dann nächstes Jahr? Zwei Antifa-Flaggen?

Patienten-Apps sind unsicher - trotzdem sollen sie nach und nach Pflicht werden. Ich empfehle Martin Tschirsichs Vortrag auf dem #35C3 dazu - inkl. Q&A.

Interesting historical factoids 

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Instanz der KIF für KIFfel und nicht-KIFfel.

Betrieben durch den KIF e.V., aktuell gehostet bei der Fachschaft Informatik der TU Dortmund.