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GitHub - alcarithemad/zfsp: ZFS, in Python, without reading the original C.

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CLIMATE vs WEATHER: predicting global warming is like predicting how fast a pot of water will warm if you know the power output of the stove. Predicting weather is like predicting where and when the next bubble will rise in a boiling pot.

I have a general rule of refusing to interact with annoying popups and panels. That sometimes makes it a bit harder to read articles though...

And the conclusion: if only #mozilla were to have had to deal with this before, I’m sure they would have been more prepared this time.. right?

It would appear that wasn’t the case, because this is the second this is happening _in a row_, the last time being exactly three years ago, when the now-expired intermediary certificate was created, as evidenced by this following bug report:

Simply baffling.


PS: Thanks to for pointing out the similarities!

@rysiek @sirmacik Looking at the bug tracker, it seems exactly the same thing happened to them three years ago, when that intermediate certificate expired the last time...

Hey so capitalism and fixing things and robot hoovers!

A fun thing about being a fixy sort of person is the stuff that rich people throw away or sell super-cheap. Rich people don't bother fixing things, they just throw the thing away and buy a new one, and half the time the thing is very easily repaired!

Which brings us to Roombas! They're great. They're for rich people. I've got two, and I'm a LONG way off being rich!

500 series Roombas are very cheap on Craigslist. Let's look inside one!

Temp fix for Firefox Add-ons being disabled 

... one of the problems with sysadmin culture, is lots of people think the BOFH stories are role model to aspire to.

I sure did.

The other day a friend pointed out to me that no, actually, BOFH is satire. It's mocking admins (and everyone else) for being dumbasses. I had never really given that much thought, even as I outgrew most of the attitude.

If you think the BOFH is a role model, then the joke's on you, kiddo...

Wen von euch sehe ich denn morgen auf dem ?

Verglichen mit dem Universum ist unsere Leben nur sehr kurz. Statistisch gesehen sind wir also eigentlich meistens tot.

Headline gold: "Sinister secret backdoor found in networking gear perfect for government espionage: The Chinese are – oh no, wait, it's Cisco again"

When all the imps are together, you can't punish them. They have impunity.

Presenting: "legit", my first esoteric programming language! Programs written in legit are defined entirely by the commit graph of a Git repository. You can find the specification, examples and an implementation here:

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Instanz der KIF für KIFfel und nicht-KIFfel.

Betrieben durch den KIF e.V., aktuell gehostet bei der Fachschaft Informatik der TU Dortmund.