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Zusammen mit Flugtaxi ist Hyperloop ein Paradebeispiel dafür, wie der naive Glaube an eine zukünftige "innovative" Technologie davon ablenken soll, dass man mit ÖPNV, Bahn & ICE längst funktionierende Lösungen des Problems hat, welche man aber kaputt gespart hat.


"I’m using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware."

uspol, read if you use any amazon services 

Regional. Fair. Vegan. Kein Plastik. Keine Silikone. Wenig Zucker. Kein Sweatshop. Ressourcenschonende Transportwege. Kein abgeholzter Regenwald. Kein Palmöl. ICH WILL KEINEN MÜNDIGEN KÄUFER UND „DEN MARKT“, SONDERN DAS ALS MINDESTSTANDARD. Einfach nur einkaufen können, ohne jeden Mist ständig hinterfragen zu müssen 🤬.

" ‘No way to prevent this’, Says Only Development Community Where This Regularly Happens"

Kids these days....

The most funny part IMO is that the 5 recommendations made at the end of the post are what Maven Central has been doing in Java ecosystem for years...

Just because (almost) everyone does something, that thing is not necessarily a smart thing - nor the right thing - to do.

The tech world is positively heaving with examples of this.

Induction stoves are just wireless charging for your food


Huch. 🤔

"The authors included conservative assumptions with high electricity prices, low capital costs, and specific investment. Considering all assumptions regarding the uncertain parameters, nuclear energy is never profitable."



Mit einem Digitalministerium könnte die Bundesregierung endlich so zielgerichtet und koordiniert auf die Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung in allen Bereich reagieren, wie sie bereits jetzt mit dem Umweltministerium auf oh.


Group A: Acronyms in names should be same-case, e.g. getIoHandle().
Group B: Acronyms in names should be uppercase, e.g. getIOHandle().
Microsoft: XMLHttpRequest

Give a person software, and infuriate them for a day.
Teach a person to create their own software, and infuriate them for the rest of their life.

My birthday is somewhat soon.

At this point I firmly believe birthday gifts only exist as a ritual to make others feel better about themselves.

I just want to spend time with people.

Thanks to Microsofts latest Github decision, developers learned:
a) that you should prefer federated services over centralized ones
b) even in IT, you can't be "unpolitical"

Remember that time MS bought GitHub and I decided to take a "wait and see" position on the issue?

Well, I've seen.

If you want people to find your public posts on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, there's something important you need to know:


For privacy reasons, the only way to search for posts on here is by hashtag. If you don't include tags, no one will see your post in searches.

Hashtags have to be spelt exactly, so #MastoTip and #MastoTips would bring up two separate sets of results. Include multiple tags if you're not sure.

More MastoTips:


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Instanz der KIF für KIFfel und nicht-KIFfel.

Betrieben durch den KIF e.V., aktuell gehostet bei der Fachschaft Informatik der TU Dortmund.