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A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

Nerds im Herbst: Oh noo, wieder kein Congress-Ticket bekommen. Es ist so schwer an Tickets zu kommen.

Nerds 5 Minuten vor dem Congress: ich hab noch 13 Tickets über. DM me

no software is important enough to have a borderless unmovable always-on-top loader splash

looking at you, Leage of Legends, LibreOffice, SQL Developer, and others

Also für die Bürgerrechte würde ich sagen ist das sehr positiv ;)

What kind of dystopian corporate malarkey is this?

This is from Qualtrics BTW. If you don't know, it's an "experience management" company that sells analytics rebranded as magic

Doing anything in C is rewarding.
"Holy crap, you've made a string that doesn't explode, well done!"

my biggest criticism about the original Star Wars is that they called it a "Death Star". any evil imperialist organization worth its salt would hire a consulting firm to come up with something like "Liberation Sphere"

Sucht jemand einen IT-Systemadministratorin? Ich suche einen neuen Arbeitgeber.
Bin in #Chemnitz ansässig und möchte aus persönlichen Gründen auch lieber hier bleiben.

Staying neutral on important issues doesn't make you inclusive, it makes you complicit.

If you give oppressors a platform, then guess what, marginalized people will leave your platform and you'll soon have a platform of dicks!

As a trans woman I no longer feel safe on the #FDroid forum, which is why I've asked for my moderator account to be removed.

I hope the few good people who are left will be stronger than me and one day prevail.

"#FreeSpeech" #FreeSoftware #Spinster #TERFs #WhyILeft

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