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Dear folks on the , at we have open positions in consulting based in Dortmund (Frankfurt or Berlin may be possible). Willingness to travel and speaking German is a must. Check out or get in touch with me.


after realizing how much my web browser was spying on me, even before I visited any website at all, I said #NoToChrome and switched back to #firefox happy to see I am not alone

Eine bekannte von mir sucht aktuell dringend eine queerfreundliche WG oder Wohnung in Darmstadt (eventuell Frankfurt / Mainz). Budget ist 500€ warm.

Person hat es schwer, daher #BoostWelcome ❤️

#Trans #Queer #LGBTQ #Darmstadt #WG

If you want the Linux-circa-2004 experience back, just try Linux on ARM!

* everything compiles slowly
* distro-hopping to find better hardware support
* oops, you need proprietary drivers for that
* forum posts hold the authoritative documentation *and* code for your distro


ladies and gentlemen
I introduce you to
the first nosql database written in shell
works over raw tcp

the horrifying sources may be considered licensed under the unlicense, in case anyone actually wants to touch this abomination:


»IT-Security ist halt eine Vollkostenrechnung: das steckste entweder in Personal oder in Bitcoin«


Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

there are a non-trivial number of people who could just shut the whole webbernets down and every day i send a prayer for their health and safety

Good morning wonderful people!

A quote form #aikido founder
Morihei Ueshiba:

“We can no longer rely on the external teachings of Buddha, Confucius, or Christ. The era of organized religion controlling every aspect of life is over. No single religion has all the answers. Construction of shrine and temple buildings is not enough. Establish yourself as a living buddha image. We all should be transformed into goddesses of compassion or victorious buddhas.”
― Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

So go and try to be a living buddha and spread compassion. The world needs this.

Yours truly,


(in need of :coffee_semiotic_standard:)

Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property. All products are effectively becoming rentals, and the companies can revoke your right to use them whenever they feel like it. It's becoming increasingly difficult to actually own anything. Media is streamed, and devices are locked from the users.

It's hilarious how all the things people were afraid of happening under communism are actually happening under capitalism.

"This is the future, I’m afraid. An automated future where no one actually knows how things work."

"I went to see a movie, and instead I saw the future" by Jason Fried

The downside of automating everything: no one understands how anything works anymore or can fix it when it breaks down.

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