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Wir können uns Politiker wie Christian Lindner nicht mehr leisten.

Da mir mal wieder bewusst wird, wieviel Zeit mir fehlt um all das zu tun, was ich gern tun würde, wüsste ich gern mal von Euch, wieviele Hobbys* ihr habt?
(Bsp. Ich: Videospiele, Filme/Serien, IT (ja, mein Beruf ist auch mein Hobby), Golf, …)

*: Regelmäßig und häufig betreibend, zum Zeitvertreib, Freizeitgestaltung, ernsthafte Antriebe oder auch einfach nur aus Interesse und Spaß

never call your function accessor getFunc(), when you can call it bringTheFuncBack()

Ah, btw if anyone is looking for a new home close by cologne and wants to live with me :blobcatfingerguns:

(you can also write me via fediverse) :boost_ok:

dutch people in 1634 were probably like "bro you just dont understand the tulips will revolutionize the future of finance bro you should invest bro in future all flowers will become tulips trust me"

"Hey qDot what's it like to be able to skip between 10 programming languages at once?"

Imagine being able to experience a vast rainbow of humanity's failure to communicate with both machines and each other, at will, in real time.

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Anyone interested in a #mch2022 Supporter Ticket for 366,66€? Or a straight cut S shirt? Or a straight cut S zipper? Eventually, I got Covid and won't come. What a timing.

Contrary to popular belief, computers weren't the mistake. It's the humans writing software. Humans were the mistake all along.

Unity (former game engine company) has merged with an actual adware and malware distribution company. That's not an exaggeration. Fake Flash installers, was blacklisted by Microsoft's anti-malware tool, VirusTotal entires, that kind of thing.

Don't build your games on engines you don't have the source code to.

shitpost, bad 

Who called it OOP refactoring and not the Class Struggle.

An den*die unbekannte*n #Admin beim Hoster, der seinem #NTP-Server den #Hostname‍n „nostradamus“ gegeben hat:

Mir gefällt dein Humor.*

* Über #Nostradamus weiß die Wikipedia: "Typische Merkmale seiner Prophezeiungen sind das fast vollständige Fehlen von konkreten Zeitangaben [...]".

Hillel investigates why tech interviews

a) started asking questions about linked lists
b) never stopped

and dug up a bunch of nice historical context. Complete with research method narration, very good read!

There is one hard problem in computer science

It's computers

Wie nennt man eine schwurbelnde Ente?


:boosts_ok_gay: has anybody here ever immigrated children into Germany, as a non-EU-citizen? :boosts_ok_gay:

willing to learn anything I can from your experiences! including details on bureaucracy, school etc., cultural experiences, psychological/emotional effects, anything you want to share!

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