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Egal, wie gut du Morse kannst.
Diese Schüssel kann Mörser.


Wie kann man den Master-Branch mit git an sich reißen?

Einfach ein "git putsch" nehmen.

I just discovered, a free-to-use and open-for-registration #Gitea instance run by the German non-profit organisation #Codeberg e.V. – @codeberg is “dedicated to build and maintain supporting infrastructure for the creation, collection, dissemination, and archiving of Free and Open Source Software”. Nice Github and Gitlab alternative :)

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

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It’s 2027. Every electronic device of any kind is a black rectangular block with touch controls only.

In tech, 'smart' refers to any device that stops working when the company that manufactures it goes out of business, regardless of what it does.

Hat wer für mich einen Job in #Berlin ab Februar, im Bereich #IT-Administration, #Systemintegration, etc?

Habe Erfahrung mit #Linux, #MacOS, #Windows (Client & Server), Bash/zsh, #Ansible, grundlegende Programmierkentnisse (#Python, #PHP z.B.)

It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

Nothing says “peaceful democratic protest” like camo, bulletproof armor and assault rifles

Wow. #Opera can't make money with its web browser anymore, so it's selling predatory loans to low-income people in Africa and then sending text messages to their contacts when they don't pay. :opera:

It's probably time to uninstall Opera if you use it!

You aren't a Go, or Rust, or Java, or Python, or JavaScript developer (unless you are writing those languages). In reality you are a developer who uses language X to solve Y problems. You can learn new languages and paradigms. Don't get stuck in the I am an X developer.

The first home computer (not what you think). From Creative Computing Magazine, 1984.

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Mastodon ist ein soziales Netzwerk. Es basiert auf offenen Web-Protokollen und freier, quelloffener Software. Es ist dezentral (so wie E-Mail!).