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Actually, Sisyphus pushed the bolder up and it never rolled down. But everytime short before the top they thought about their cool sideproject and decided to push the boulder up that one, before finishing the first one.

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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

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on pronouns 1/3 

I had a rather snarky post priviously asking for pronouns when you want to follow my posts but it lacked an explanation. I now have nerve and time to explain further:
Pronouns (3rd person singular) are the most common encounter with ones gender. That is not sex, so keep whatever you have in your pants right there for those who consented to deal with it. Gender, a social construct, however is more complicated, given most times you get a gender assigned at birth and in your youth.

new year's resolution: still FullHD

pol related 

😔 ✋ tankies
😏 👉 thankies


Don't know if I mentioned this before, but everytime someone uses the word "timing" my mind immediatly wants to know if this is an infosec conversation 🙈


On one hand it's nice to have a cover name against the state ("legal name") but then so many people don't seem to get that it's just a cover name...

Wenn ihr mal wieder nur die Standard-Auskunft kriegt: ISO, kann eins nix machen

The existance of among us implies the existance of among gambia

historic bavarian politics, poll 

Do you know the events that the word "Problembär references to?

historic bavarian politics reference 

The crew of Apollo 13 on an alternative timeline after landing on the moon: "Houston, we have a Problembär"

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re: historic bavarian politics reference 

In case you're interested in the context: This story involves multiple animals deaths. If that's something you can bear with [1] at the moment, search for "Problembär" and maybe "JJ1" or "Bruno" alongside that on the internet. It is a whole story.

[1] I did no put this pun there, but it suites the topic

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historic bavarian politics reference 

There are two wolves inside you. One is a normal wolf, the other is a Problemwolf

star trek TNG reference shitpost 

We are the ransomware. Your data *will* be encrypted. Backups are futile.

military adjacent shitposting but ????? 

they also sent out a pamphlet to some news agencies about why their actions speak for themself and therefor that very pamphlet is pointless

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military adjacent shitposting but ????? 

paratrooper cats launching from catapults onto big building machines, scratching off the brand name to restore their good name

food, brand naming, lewd pun 

the existance of a subway implies the existance of a domway selling bread wrapped in salad

generic politics 

In related news: we don't need to attack a division of labor in order to attack the division of authority

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GB politics adjacent 

the existance of directories implies the existance of direclabors

you know... I'm actually looking forare for Mars-timezones. With it we will have even more and stranger times at which it is 13:12 or 04:20 (AM/PM) at some place in the world 😎

PSA in case you're writing technical documentation that touches on dates: When giving example dates it helps a *lot* when you make the a day after the 12th of the month. It really clarifies what is day and what is month on the very first glance.

pol related 

> Extending Leaflet: Class Theory

when you have to remind yourself your talking technical things right now

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