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for pinning 

Ifyou want to follow me:
a) be someone I know in person and verify over another communication channel

b) have pronouns in Bio/pinned posts,
don't be a new account,
have own posts,
don't have shitty (like tankie,fash,discriminating) posts,
don't boost shitty (as before) people (might ask you about some if you seem cool otherwise)

c) DM reply this post asking nicely, don't post or boost shitty (as before) posts or accounts

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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

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on pronouns 1/3 

I had a rather snarky post priviously asking for pronouns when you want to follow my posts but it lacked an explanation. I now have nerve and time to explain further:
Pronouns (3rd person singular) are the most common encounter with ones gender. That is not sex, so keep whatever you have in your pants right there for those who consented to deal with it. Gender, a social construct, however is more complicated, given most times you get a gender assigned at birth and in your youth.

Kontext: Wortwitze tun auf semantischer Ebene die gleichen Muster auf (Zusammenspiel aus Gleichheit und Andersartigkeit, wie Reime) wie Lyrik / Gedichte auf syntaktischer.

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OH: Lyrik ist ja auch nur ein Wortwitz

nachdem top/bottom etwas persönlich sein könnte: seid ihr strange oder charm?

boosts/reposts are good
not necisarily representative
enby is a

I don't have bad humor, my jokes just have a stance of radical refusal towards any kind of niveau

OH: Wie lockt mensch eine schnorrende Katze?

mh implied, pun 

so... this whole economic depression thing... is that when moody's gets moody? 🤔

lite vent 

Why is it so easy to spend money on books but so hard to actually read them... 😩

Gewalt (unspezifisch), Romantik oder so 

Zählt Mülltonnen anzünden und Fastfood essen eigentlich als romantisches Candle-Light-Dinner? 😬


Queer leben statt verquer denken

Wer macht mir dadraus jetz sticker? 😬 😅

tech vent 

Alternatively GPG's UX is learning nunchucks with blades in order zu slice bread.

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tech vent 

GPG's UX is a jungle and you are surrounded by wild --options that watch your every move. Your job is to find one specific based on a description of their left front paw.

Since there is functional flat sharing there surely also is stack based flat sharing, isn't there?

Any discussion where you argue about grabing a rope but you cant get a hold on it and it keeps sliding through your fingers ist a slippery rope argument.

versaut impliziert 

Boxverein, oder auch: SchwingerClub

video gaming 

Minesweaper teaches us that no matter how bad your current performance is, everyone else will just see your highscore with your peaks.

gambling, explicit transphobia 

Trying to reason a trans-denialist, reactionary, bets are open.

This got sparked by me asking their preferred pronouns and them denying any of it is real.
Further there was a disguised nothing-to-hide [pun is valid, like all of you], everything cultural "coming from USA" is sus.
Also they already basically said they don't want to talk about it, just after vomitting all their toxic bullshit.
Gonna go export the chat and screen cap, jic...

Wenn neben dir kein Cutie liegt:
Craven gegen d***schland!

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