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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!


I asked the system for consent and was granted it. Now I may fuck the system.

pandemic, depol adjacent 

If you can - stay home. but not because some dimshit tells you it is expected from you, but out of reason and solidarity with those who can't, for example those working their butts of in intensive care units.

possibly gross pun 

Let's build an implant for teeth and let it have a completely free, libre and open source firmware for it. I will call the project "Dental FLOSS"

butchered Einstein quote 

There are three truely unlimited things: the universe, human stupidity and a data hoarder's need for disc space. With the universe I am not entirely sure, though.

butchered lyrics 

Is this the real life, or is this "just" cyberspace?

Just because you're paranoid, don't mean your hardware will not fail you. ~ Nirvana

If you're going for the music - it's really good, btw: /watch?v=LNVQ7KyAy3M

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Restarted some music album where I left it and got the first words being "We're gonna wreck this f*cking house".
I feel emotional-wise surprisingly well understood.

tech stuff: SSD HW-question, thread: 2/2 

So if you have some pointer for me, I'd feel alot better for future shopping.
This is the patient:

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tech stuff: SSD HW-question, thread: 1/2 

Maybe someone can explain to me, why this SSD is doing this and if there is something in specs-words that I can have an eye for.
I have an SSD, that will read a bunch of data and then stuck for some time before continuing to do its job. This creates no issue when using it with an adapter as an external drive. Using it as an internal boot drive however, it crashes my OS and also I don't want such funny behaviour.

So when you fall in love with a cipher - are you a number crusher?

Well, I hope that to you a cubic meter is an exaggeration, but I feel for some of us it probably is not.

Zeige Konversation

How many cubic meters is your pile of books, that you "are definitly going to read"?

Get out there, seize the memes of production!

OH: Alexa, verteidige meine Reso im Plenum.

lewd pun 

Joke me harder, daddy!

pseudo bible based gibberish pun 

God endorses piracy of copyrighted material, they even did it themselves when ripped Adam to get Eve.



I may get this wrong especially since I do not know the exact IRC log, but calling Github a cat out of the bag in the context of Friedmann explicitly conditionalizing the support seems rather unfitting. I view it more as a PR attempt to gain from shitty behaviour. There may be details I miss, but right now my move would be away and to either own code servers with off-provider backups or a solution much less dependant on central infrastructure.

IT/drugs pun 

Hi, I'm a cyber-dealer dealing with hash. Want some? I have sha256, sha512 for some classic fun or if you want to go retro md5 or sha1. Interested? Show me the data so I can tell you what hash I can give you. But please use responsibly and don't let the scrip kiddies fetch it.

Trolley Problem Memes really know how to pull my levers.

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