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for pinning 

to clarify: any one of those is sufficient. If you're unsure feel free to go for c) and if there's anything suspected shitty I see on a rough glance I'll ask you about it, maybe either of us can understand something a little better :)

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for pinning 

Ifyou want to follow me:
a) be someone I know in person and verify over another communication channel

b) have pronouns in Bio/pinned posts,
don't be a new account,
have own posts,
don't have shitty (like tankie,fash,discriminating) posts,
don't boost shitty (as before) people (might ask you about some if you seem cool otherwise)

c) DM reply this post asking nicely, don't post or boost shitty (as before) posts or accounts

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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

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on pronouns 1/3 

I had a rather snarky post priviously asking for pronouns when you want to follow my posts but it lacked an explanation. I now have nerve and time to explain further:
Pronouns (3rd person singular) are the most common encounter with ones gender. That is not sex, so keep whatever you have in your pants right there for those who consented to deal with it. Gender, a social construct, however is more complicated, given most times you get a gender assigned at birth and in your youth.

gender reveal party where you pop the balloon and in there is an essay about aaall their feelings towards gender.

lewd, food mention 

is it vegan to eat out an egg?

food mention 

baking veganly because the eggs_irl can be helped but not forced to crack

pol relatides brainworm, de 

Wie werd ich meine mentale Schnellstraße von trozig zu Trotzky los? ❓😕❓🤔❓

depol, aktuelle Ereignisse (das mit vieeel Wasser) 

am überlegen das meme hier anzupassen, aber ich hab grad auch nich wirklich genug Ideen für alle Personen und definitiv keine Lust erst noch nen Selfie Stick für die Katastrophen-Terrorist:innen rein zu kopieren und außerdem fehlt Platz für den Untertitel "nicht im Bild: Laschet, der den Bagger grad noch für Bilder braucht"... 🙃

jibberish, I think 

so when doing happy music with much rhythm, do you beat yourself up about it?

Raise your voice against voice messages!


oh, hi to you, too :)

erm, why is v4 only? do you mean like an archive that is only availible through means as old as the content it archives? O.O (obviously not, otherwise I could at least search on it, couldn't I?)

kink reference, pun 

my humor be like "yes daddy, joke me harder!"


pretty homophobic that in poker there is a streight but no gay

I have a present for all of you: it's that moment between 'earlier' and 'later' 😬

when going to specific pride parties with hotties do you take clothes? I mean basically your pans are on fire, right? 😬

lewd pun 

*walking in on a gay couple*
well, let's get to the bottom of this, shall we?

covid erwähnung, wortwitz 

Denk dran, egal wie modern du bist, Impfungen sind moderna 🙃

duckduckgo how to enbycott power differentials between people

Ok, y'all have to satisfy my curiosity :D
When placing your laptop on your lap without considering anything but starting to work with it - is it

(also re: the last option - if I fraised the question unclear to you or something feel free to ask :))

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