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Stuff I like:

, especially those that make everyone else turn around in pain :)

getting new perspectives, e.g. from art
vim-inspired UIs
listening to

Stuff I do:
follow politics, though it makes me sad and angry

play around with
get close to char-limits

Stuff I am:
undergrad student

languages I speak/use:
hopefully esperanto, one day

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We opened registrations again to provide a refuge for Chaos friendly people who find themselves locked out of their Twitter accounts.

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Personally, I broke up with a few websites already today.. how about you? 😊

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>We (as an industry) had about two decades to be responsible and hold others to account with user data online. Instead we opted to pretend like a weasely Terms of Service replaced a sense of morality.
>Now we face regulation because, as it turns out, people care about how we use their data and how we influence them. Not exactly shocking that we ended up here.

RpFLCL on Hacker News


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Read the man page for a tool you think you already know pretty well

oh. und der Witz is nerdig-linuxy, ein und wahrschienlich noch ein paar Sachen, die ich vergessen hab zu erwähnen / daran zu denken...

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@uniporn Religious jokes are only funny if everyone believes in them.

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@uniporn Marxist jokes are only funny if everyone gets them.

GDPR jokes are only funny, if everyone has to opt-in to get it.

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Heidis Girl? Not me!


Menschen, die sich in ihrer Haut wohl fühlen, sind die Schönsten.

@pinkstinks #notheidisgirl

I'm so glad there is no tax on open tabs in my browser.

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Remember when we trusted software? When people said things like "don't install things from that site, they're probably viruses" and "I won't use software from them anymore, they put in ads and broke my trust."
Now it's all "install this app, it's absolutely spyware and adware and was written by some techbro in a basement motivated by nothing but quick money, but your phone's sandboxing should protect you from having your phone taken over or personal information stolen"

@Gargron hmm... just wanted to suggest to give option to strip exif when uploading media just to think "hey, what if they already did that." so I checked and was like "yeay, seems this has been implemented yet."
So thanks for knowing what I want noone to get and implementing protection before I even get to notice! :)

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Hey #InfoSec, anybody can suggest a good #BlueTeamer, some #RedTeam experience welcome, good sysadmin skills very welcome, preferably somewhere in the American timezones, interested in remote work?

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We have a serious influx of spammers, so we're closing registrations until further notice, as both our administrators are currently busy. Once they have the time to look at solutions, we may open registrations again.

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Protipp: Wenn du beim Reinigen der Tastatur die Tastatur am Rechner angeschlossen lässt, hast du einen wunderbaren Passwortgenerator. #shittylifehacks

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"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."
#thepurge #purge #latestagecapitalism