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to clarify: any one of those is sufficient. If you're unsure feel free to go for c) and if there's anything suspected shitty I see on a rough glance I'll ask you about it, maybe either of us can understand something a little better :)

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for pinning 

Ifyou want to follow me:
a) be someone I know in person and verify over another communication channel

b) have pronouns in Bio/pinned posts,
don't be a new account,
have own posts,
don't have shitty (like tankie,fash,discriminating) posts,
don't boost shitty (as before) people (might ask you about some if you seem cool otherwise)

c) DM reply this post asking nicely, don't post or boost shitty (as before) posts or accounts

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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

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on pronouns 1/3 

I had a rather snarky post priviously asking for pronouns when you want to follow my posts but it lacked an explanation. I now have nerve and time to explain further:
Pronouns (3rd person singular) are the most common encounter with ones gender. That is not sex, so keep whatever you have in your pants right there for those who consented to deal with it. Gender, a social construct, however is more complicated, given most times you get a gender assigned at birth and in your youth.

Joke-Q: What do retro computer nerds eat for breakfast? 

Their serial port

checksum checksum when not match then *run*

dunno if that one exists in english, too, but it's pretty self explanory: In german there is a proverb of "handling something like a raw egg" and now my brain alternates between confusion and thought on how this appliesin different context... Probably you should treat cis-people like raw eggs? nudge them a bit now and then?

The existance of a shebang implies the existance of a theybang

The existence of Arch Dukes implies the existence of Debian Dukes


tornados are when air got a new spinny skirt

wtf element, wtf.
Gonna riot against this pieace of sh^W software...

*standing infront of a bunch of bits* *asdf movie voice* Everybody do the flip!

Gonna start a new sport and call it aesteticly absorbing anaerob athletics and I have no clue what it's gonna be about, but I heard y'all like AAAA-records?

shitpostish, de 

Alle 11 Minuten cracked ein Egg auf Eggship

The egg
they cracked their shell
The egg is out

When you smear honey around your bosses' mouth, don't let them see the beehive behind your back ;)

explaining the pun, link to song on yt 

for those lacking context: there is a song about a huuuuge digger (german: "Bagger") digging lignite in germany (someone stop it, please?😢). The song is... extremely good :3

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What are you?!? I keep asking my gender. But my gender knows its rights and keeps refusing to comment.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe where coders made worse decisions:
Tab. The final. Frontier.

Ihr redet immer von geneigten Leser:innen oder Hörer:innen, aber was ist mit dem geneigten Turm zu Pisa? 🤔

I guess one day I might search the weg for tutorials on making your own speaker-membrane and how to replace it :D

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well worn as in "cable between ears is replaced with out-of-casing one that now goes through drilled holes because that's easier than buying a new headset. Not sure yet, where the duct tape will go (metaphoricly though, I think the haptics of electric tape should be much nicer😉) but I'm confident this won't be the end of these fine ones, either.

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yikes. so now the plastic of this (admittedly well-worn and patched before) headset starts breaking apart 🙈

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