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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

All Computers Are Broken 

Sci-Fi, aber dauernd fliegt das Schiff nicht und die Support-Hotline ist belegt.

You know these services that appear to be broken so badly that you usually log in via the password reset, don't you?


When in a discussion and your current opinion is wrong, you can still win the discussion by changing your opinion accordingly.

EUpol, death 

Burning cars are more important than burning homes? let's just set fire to this country, this continent. Who gives a shit.

Star Trek TNG 

Also every freaking time anyone shortens what Data expresses with "Come in, please?" as "Come." I get Nirvana autocompletion of hell. Every. Time. It's quite irritating, to be honest.

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Star Trek TNG S02E20, being raised as male in this society 

"My [Male] side can be terrifying, even to me."
"Yet it gives you strength. It's part of you."
"That doesn't mean I have to like it."

FOSS meta 

A venting reminder that FOSS may be necisary for emancipatory software, but not sufficient.


I keep confusing §129a and §219a from time to time but that isn't too much of a problem since both are shit.

Wer "You only gave us rights, because we gave you riots." mit einem Hinweis auf dem Recht auf Informationelle Selbstbestimmung beantwortet verkennt, dass das aus privilegierter Position erkämpft wurde und die Probleme um die es bei geht strukturelle Probleme sind, die bis tief in alle staatlichen Institutionen präsent sind.

All Computers Are Broken 

applet done, typo in a config - turns out the display is called eDP-1 not edP1... anyone bystanding to casually say "classic!"?

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tech/pol pun 

Anti-Germans be like support you locale antifa.

All Computers Are Broken 

Old arch did weird thing (couldn't login despite definitively correctly entered password that also would work in chroot, but obviously not when booting the very same system... 🤷 🙃

left TODO on new Arch: get applets back; get usable font / size for i3bar. Shrug the day off. shrug.

All Computers Are Broken 

So wlp3s0 reappeared, but now sound... oh no, just a lose jack \o/
But also - hit the road, jack!

I'm such a good believer, I have to look up how to sin().

Cable Girls spoilers 

Also with all the focus on personal advantage I'd describe it as an aristocrat perspective which I very despise.

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Cable Girls spoilers 

holy shit, this whole drama about pain and suffering in the spanish civil war... yes, there sure was, but so far this totally leaves out the suffering you'd face for being in favor of liberties rather than fiscist dictatorship, torture and collaboration with Nazis. Silence is support and paternalizing a young woman that made her own decision "for her to be safe" seems absolutely contrary to all the great visibility for queer folk before in the series.

ob im Gedenken an mehrfachen rassistischen Mord, oder gegen das Gedenken an Nazis.
wo immer ihr dieses Wochenende seid, viel Erfolg, passt auf euch auf und auf jeden Fall schonmal

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