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Actually, Sisyphus pushed the bolder up and it never rolled down. But everytime short before the top they thought about their cool sideproject and decided to push the boulder up that one, before finishing the first one.

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Terraforming Mars into a habitable planet? - Socioforming Earth into a habitable planet!

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on pronouns 1/3 

I had a rather snarky post priviously asking for pronouns when you want to follow my posts but it lacked an explanation. I now have nerve and time to explain further:
Pronouns (3rd person singular) are the most common encounter with ones gender. That is not sex, so keep whatever you have in your pants right there for those who consented to deal with it. Gender, a social construct, however is more complicated, given most times you get a gender assigned at birth and in your youth.

should make a music genre from loud computer fans (the things moving air, not the peeps liking them) and call it bare metal, as a bit 🤔

wer hat denn auf das font im logo verbrochen? 🙀

the existance of task forces implies the existance of task impulses

blood, injury (implied), menstruation, bad pun 

wait, I don't need to become a cis woman for that, just start menstruation bleeding, actually

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blood, injury (implied), menstruation, bad pun 

gonna become a cis woman real quick so I can make theory group of menstruating people in emergency medicine and call the group critical bleeding send toot

Ich bin übrigens heute so alt wie nie zuvor in meinem Leben - schon krass, oder?

Drogen impliziert 

fragt eine Wasserpumpe die andere "ey, wo kriegst du eigentlich deinen Strom her?" sagt die andere "den Dreh ich selber"

fedi broke my brain - I read attempt++ and think "oh, so your attempt is going quite good, that's so good to read, congratulations!

lewd date idea 

picknick with only what you bring in your pants

the existance of allocation implies the existance of acecation

genitalia implied 

might start answering "what's in your pants" like questions with attempts of SQL injection

Queermisia, Sex, Genitalien, Blut 

Ah, "Weltblutspendetag", danke auch für die konkrete Erinnerung, dass Menschen mit Penis, die mit anderen Menschen mit Penis Sex haben auch mit *gelockerten* Regeln noch diskreminiert werden...

when your PH value is - Over 9000!! - that's very basic chemistry you're doing there

pol adjacent memepost 

You support the troups, I support the Boops - we are not the same

when your throat hurts from doing a deep voice, I guess it's a pain in the bass

programming code shitpost 

looking at the beginning of a C programming language file and thinking "that's very inclusive of you"

the existance of osint implies the existance of osfloat

vampires, food (garlic) 

some people believe garlic protects against vampires because vampires were alergic to it but actually it reminds us of how the blood of some plants is sooo much better than that taste of human blood 🧄

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