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Does your porn consumption reflect what you do / (would) like to do in meatspace with others?

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boosts/reposts are absolutely awesome, btw - sample size and so on 😊

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@uniporn waiting for the answers.

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@uniporn For some of us "what you do" & "what you'd like to do" don't overlap. Porn's often *about* that difference. Looking at what you can't have can hurt when you think about it but it can feel good when you're in an alpha state that makes it not about you. It feels like this question's about whether or not people have impossible fetishes they'd never want to act on in real life in any circumstance, though - which I do. I don't know if "partially" conveys that complexity?

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@spacewastrel That's a very curious observation you talk about that I definitly didn't think of before so "partially" is definitly there to wrap those complexities up though it obviously can't capture the variety of actual answers out there. If there is some question that get's me I'll definitly have follow up polls so definitly thanks for the feedback :)

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@uniporn I would /absolutely/...... if it were physically possible to do vore safely.

But nope, it's not. So we can't.

Besides the fact that we're stuck in this human body, which does Not reflect any of us at all. Doing any of this in dirtspace would probably induce massive dysphoria.

Oh and then there's the fact that sometimes I do it with my headmates and it's kinda impossible to do that physically when you share a body!

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