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implied unspecific death, it security joke 

(holds a piece of paper with some long alpha-numeric sequence) "Look, I can't change this. I inherited it from my ancestors and it has been in use ever since."

Star Trek pun 

So they engage so often but never care to get a ring? Unconventional. 🤔

Star Trek SciFi-babble 

"There has been a graviton surge." Or, as we say in our timeframe "Something damn heavy is pulling us in."

depol, ~- 

Hey @keinea49 Ich weiß nicht, ob bei euch (oder vielleicht anderswo, wo das grad wer liest) wer Spaß dran hat alte Aussagen von Politiker:innen zu reiten, aber für den Fall, dass, lass ich euch mal diesen Link da: 2017 forderte Söder ein Ende für Verbrennungsmotoren bis jetzt (2020). Gehört hab zumindest ich nichts mehr seit dem.
Achja. Und möge der Addblocker mit euch sein.

TIL: When you have installed loaded at your .vimrc you can open any .wiki file and treat it as a wikipage. This means you can have project documentation in its format which allows others to work with it, even if there is different tooling since there is not much syntax but also has all the perks with the right tooling. And all of that possibly even within the same repository as the actual project.

covid, music aging 

There is a german song, from almost exactly 1y before the european onset of the pandemy with the title translating to "Give me a breath!" and in the first stanza it is about conspiracy mythologists and later it is about coming home late after the party and it all just aged sooo weirdly.
In case you want to listen to it it is calles "Hauch mich mal an" by Lumpenpack, YT-subtitles are quite inaccurate however...:

Star Trek 

"Deactivate the force field" but noone ever just pulls the plug.

star trek shitpost, kinky 

Why they always meddle in subspace, but never domspace?

Der Mann im Mond ist ein misogynes Arschloch nach einem immer verdienten Tritt in den Arsch. Sei nicht wie der Mann im Mond.

Do I get this correctly? With a Master your takes will cause second degree burns?


"Hauch mich mal an" vom Lumpenpack ist das letzte halbe Jahr irgendwie interessant gealtert...


Brenn im Glanze, deiner Nazis, brenne doitsches Kakaland.

tech shitpost, IPv4 

Are historical IP adresses having a class war, too?

Das schöne an Wissenschaft ist, dass sie funktioniert, auch ohne daran zu glauben.

Probiers mal mit besetztem Wald, wo gehorsam' Kinder Panzer fahren und große Kinder Baumtod konfrontiern... Soli mim Danke euch! 🖤 💚

covid, - 

Wake up. September ended.

No I am sorry, we are not there yet.*

* what ever that could mean

de-pun, kinda pol 

Sind Revolutionäre eigentlich Streikbügelhalter:innen?

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