I've been asking people around me what is holding them from using Mastodon (even after some of them joined), and I got 4 reasons:

1) Not many people here
2) Can't find people here even if they're here
3) It looks very complicated, especially the instances thing
4) Doesn't seem too different from Birdsite so why bother

For people to adopt this platform, these four points need to be addressed. And that too in ultra-simple non-nerdy language.

Some answers I've come up with:

1) Not many people

Yep. But the platform is gaining traction. Just look at the kind of conversations I have been having here. People are crazy responsive.

(Here I show them the same post I've done on Birdsite, Facesite and Mastodon.)

The quality of responses here are wayyyy better too. Not some "jali na teri" memes. People will come! You come first!

Zeige Konversation

2) Can't find people here even if they're here

Sure you can. But then, think of it this way, go to #India #Introduction and just follow a new lot of people. You can follow the regular folks on Birdsite only, but here you get to follow a whole new crop of interesting folks.

(Here I tell them to go to "Follows" on my profile)

Hopefully this will help. I'm following a lot of Indians here. Cheggit.

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3) Looks too complicated

Yes it does. But just use it like Birdsite and start shitposting. Since there are few people, go crazy. You'll figure it out eventually.

Come, toot something. I'll boost ya!

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4) Doesn't seem to different from Birdsite

Sure it is. Think of it like a 1000 birdsites split up with different people managing those, instead of one single entity. That's about it. Plus, no abuses and shitty low effort attention seeking behavior is a definite bonus. At least for now.

Try it!

Zeige Konversation

@Memeghnad can spend an evening making posts like these to share on birdsite.

design/font/colour can be changed but we can crowdsource arguments here for a Why Mastodon campaign. i'm invested in this platform now. that 'email' argument from the video sold me.

@lordoftheshibs Was thinking the same thing. The biggest change from twitter has been moving from confrontation to conversation. That one fact alone has helped people with their mental health and peace.

For Confrontation Use Twitter.

For conversation use Mastodon.


Tweet a thought, get abused.

Toot a thought, it blossoms.


Spread humanity, get hated - Twitter

Spread humanity, get loved. -Mastodon



Right wing abuses, they get promoted -Twitter

Right wing abuses, they get blocked -Mastodon

Reported for rape threats, it's fine says twitter

Report for rape threats, immediately gets blocked by Mastodon.
(Rape can be replaced by casteism, sexism, facism etc)


Reported for hatred by 100 people , no action by twitter.

Reported for hatred by 1 person, immediate action by Mastodon.

@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness

@Vishsai @lordoftheshibs @Deepsealioness Turn it into the old "In Soviet Russia" style memes.

"On Fediverse Mastodon... <fill in the blank>"


Leaving these ideas here for anyone to put into an appropiate meme format:

On federated social media, ...
... trolls fear you!
... your content is owned by you!
... the admin listens to you!
... the rules are picked by you!
... nobody makes money off you!
... you pick who you listen to!
... money cannot spam you!
... the system empowers you!
... you are you!

@anathem @Memeghnad I am going to steal that and put it on Twitter. Maybe it will encourage someone to come over!

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